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European Vapers Urged to Have Their Say Before New Year Deadline

1 Mins read

E-cigarette users are urged to participate in landmark tobacco harm reduction survey before its December 31 deadline.

Earlier this year, the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) launched a survey that aims to gather nicotine-usage data from across Europe.

The questionnaire is designed to give ETHRA, as well as the European Parliament, a greater insight into the needs of consumers, with information coming directly from vocal advocates.

Damian Sweeney of NNA Ireland, said: “We need hard data on how regulations effect the end user.

“The thing about this survey is that it’s by consumers, for consumers.”

The survey currently stands at upwards of 30,000 UK and EU participants. However, with the deadline fast approaching, the association is pushing for more nicotine users to get involved.

“There’s a lot of complacency right now because people don’t realise, vapers don’t realise what’s at stake,” Sweeney said.

“It’s important to have data, information and arguments to truly advocate for vaping.”

The European Commission is currently preparing to amend two EU directives – the Tobacco Excise Directive (TED) and the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

ETHRA plans to use public opinions gathered by the questionnaire to combat any potentially damaging changes.

The creator and designer of the questionnaire Philippe Piorson said:

“The survey represents what people need, not what European Bureaucrats want.”

Philippe Piorson

Piorson highlighted the impact that passive consumers can have on the industry, stressing the need activism in the current political climate. He cited the ever-increasing number of European and global vaping regulations as a catalyst for the survey.

The survey comes to a close on December 31 and will contribute to crucial debates regarding vaping legislations across Europe in 2021.

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