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Flonq Ultra Disposable Review

By Peach Atkinson 2nd July 2024 7 Mins


One of the most recent product releases from leading UAE-based vape brand, Flonq, comes the Flonq Ultra disposable vape.

Flonq is widely known for its stylish, simplistic and ergonomic product designs, and the Ultra is no different.

After our other reviewer, Alex previously tested out the Flonq Plus E (+e) range with high praise, I was excited to try out the Flonq Ultra.

So, let’s dive straight into the review and see how the device performs.

Flonq Ultra device specifications

  • PUFF COUNT: Approximately 20,000 puffs
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 650mAh (USB C Rechargeable)
  • FLAVOURS: 25
  • COIL: Dual Mesh
  • NICOTINE: 50mg/ml (5%)


Maintaining a similar style to previous Flonq products, the Flonq Ultra sports a sleek and modern appearance that is easy on the eye.

The device has an oval-shaped body that fits comfortably in your hand and is crafted with soft-touch materials.

The mouthpiece, which sits at the top of the oval body, has a fairly wide bore (3.6 mm x 7.6 mm) that enhances the flavour experience and blends seamlessly with the glossy black front panel that features the smart LED screen.

Everything about this design oozes sophistication and quality.

Key features

The Ultra device is a stylish rechargeable disposable vape boasting an impressive 20,000 puffs and is available in 25 different flavours.

This model is equipped with a 650 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via USB-C, a dual mesh coil, an 18 ml e-liquid capacity, and contains 5% nicotine.

It also features a smart screen to track juice and battery levels, and a power boost mode to enhance flavour and vapour production for a richer experience.

When in boost mode, a distinctive red rocket icon with wings appears on the screen, accompanied by a red-lit ring encircling the button. When switched to regular mode, the screen displays a simpler white rocket icon without wings, and the button light changes to a soft white glow.

The LED screen is clear and simple to read, without being flashy. Battery and e-liquid levels are represented by intuitive icons: a small droplet for e-liquid and a battery icon for power.

Each meter is divided into six sections that disappear as battery and liquid levels reduce, providing an easy-to-understand visual indicator of the remaining levels.


The Flonq Ultra is a draw-activated vape that is automatically activated when you place your mouth around the mouthpiece and pull the vapour into your mouth.

In both modes, the device features a precise mouth-to-lung draw that simulates the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

For those who prefer a lighter, cooler vape, the regular mode is ideal. However, if you’re looking for a more intense experience with a warmer and stronger hit, the boost mode is the way to go.

Switching to boost mode is simple: press the button to wake the screen, then press it again to toggle into or out of boost mode. The screen icons and button light will clearly indicate which mode you’re currently using.

With moderate usage, the Flonq Ultra’s battery can last approximately a day when in regular mode. Keep in mind, though, that the battery will deplete faster in boost mode due to the increased power consumption.

With 18ml of vape juice included, you should get a reasonable amount of life out of each Ultra device (approximately six charges) before the e-liquid level runs out.

Flonq Ultra flavours

Out of the 25 flavours available in the Flonq Ultra range, I had the opportunity to try out six. Here are my thoughts on those flavours.

lemon mint flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

Lemon Mint

Intense, fresh and wonderfully complex, the precise combination of fruity citrus notes and an aromatic garden mint flavour provides a unique vaping experience.

The slightly sharp edge of lemon presents itself with a floral twist, giving a distinctive take on an otherwise common flavour element.

For me, the addition of mint gave an unmatched freshness to the overall flavour, whilst providing a cool undertone with the slightest touch of herbal garden mint.

I personally enjoyed this disposable, granted it is not my usual ‘go to’ profile, but thanks to its relatively uncommon mixture of flavours, this unique take was very well received.

white gummy flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

White Gummy

Classic in flavour, flawless in execution, this flavour crafted by Flonq is fabulously nostalgic, hitting the characteristic taste of gummy bears perfectly.

Sweet and well rounded, it was ever so easy to recognise the sugary goodness we all know and love.

To me, the candy notes leant towards a tropical mixture of fruits with a heavy influence of pineapple.

Brightening the overall candy flavour comes a mellow and subtle hit of iciness, giving this disposable another layer of refreshment and intricacy.

I would definitively say that the distinct accuracy of this flavour was where this disposable shone brightest. Enjoyable, fresh and tasty, I feel many will connect with this flavour.

passion fruit icy flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

Passion Fruit Icy

Oozing with tastes of the tropics, the passion fruit element in this disposable is simply sublime, full of life and vigour.

It manages to encapsulate both the sharp sourness and bright, satisfying sweetness found in the actual fruit.

Joining the fruity notes comes a bold and substantial punch of cooling agent, giving a solid platform on which the passion fruit notes can flourish.

Despite its richness and similarity to the real-life fruit, this disposable is blissfully straightforward in terms of constituents…in the most positive way of course.

I feel like Flonq have kept things simple, and have focussed solely on creating a stellar flavour.

strawberry banana flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

Strawberry Banana

One of my all time favourite flavour combinations within the vape industry, I was intrigued to see how Flonq would fare when it came to executing their own version of this incredibly popular profile.

On the initial inhale comes a sweet, mellow and delicate note of freshly picked strawberry, which to me came across as incredibly life like and somewhat relaxed in nature.

Complimenting the bright notes of strawberry, you will easily notice a creamy calmness of mashed bananas.

The choice to keep a collection of gentle elements, with a tiny kick of coolness was a brilliant decision on Flonq’s behalf, and they achieved a deep, enjoyable and easy to vape flavour.

peach icy flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

Peach Icy

With a hefty dose of cooling agent from the get go, you can expect a bright and full tasting vaping experience.

Presenting the distinctive and instantly recognisable punchy taste of fresh, juicy peach, you’ll be in vape heaven in no time.

Personally, I found that the multilayered notes of peach had their own complexities, and I felt like it included both real and artificial tastes.

When I say artificial, I don’t mean it in a dismissive way, I felt that the artificiality came across as similar to peach gummy candies…something I could totally get behind.

The amalgamation of realistic and synthetic peach flavours gave this disposable a unique and welcomed take on a super popular profile.

sour apple icy flonq ultra disposable vape device and packaging

Sour Apple Icy

Self-explanatory in its name, this disposable harnesses a collection of tastes, ranging from Granny Smith apples to tongue-tingling sour candies, all swept up by an intense iciness.

I found that the sourness conveyed in this disposable was next level, I could literally feel the sensation on my tongue as I was vaping.

The apple notes are bright and well-rounded, with just a touch of sweetness, thus creating an easy-to-use all-day vape.

As indicated in this flavour’s name, you will definitely pick up on a tsunami of cooling agent throughout, something that elevated the already fresh feeling of this disposable.

I feel vapers who are fans of fruity/icy combinations will fall in love with this flavour…perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Overall thoughts

To conclude, the Flonq Ultra is easy to use, sleek and compact in design, and a great option for beginner vapers or those looking for a tight MTL draw.

The Ultra range offers plenty of flavour options that cater to many individual flavour preferences. Even though I only had the chance to test six of those flavours, I thoroughly enjoyed the options I tried.

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