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Vaping could help 70,000 smokers in England quit each year

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E-cigarettes could help between 50,000 and 70,000 smokers in England quit every year, a new study has found

The researchers assessed the link between the use of e-cigarettes and the success rate of quitting smoking.

The number of smokers in England who successful quit tobacco increased from 2011 as the number of e-cigarette users increased.

As e-cigarette uptake plateaued in 2015, so did the increase in quit success.

The team investigated the link between current e-cigarette-use, use during cigarette quit attempts and the number of quit attempts.

They drew data from 50,498 past-year smokers pooled from the monthly Smoking Toolkit Study between 2006 and 2017.

The researchers estimate that in 2017 alone, as many as 69,930 people quit tobacco thanks to vaping.

Lead author Dr Emma Beard, Senior Research Associate at UCL, said:

“This study builds on population surveys and clinical trials that find e-cigarettes can help smokers to stop.

“England seems to have found a sensible balance between regulation and promotion of e-cigarettes.

“Marketing is tightly controlled so we are seeing very little use of e-cigarettes by never-smokers of any age while millions of smokers are using them to try to stop smoking or to cut down the amount they smoke”

George Butterworth, senior policy manager at Cancer Research UK who funded the study said that while e-cigarettes are not risk-free, research shows that they can be helpful to smokers.

He said:

“[R]esearch so far shows that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco and can help people to stop smoking, so it’s good that over 50,000 people managed to give up in 2017. For the best chance of quitting, get support from a Stop Smoking Service, who can help you find the right tools for you”

Source: Independent

Photo by Nery Zarate on Unsplash

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