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Vapers rejoice as President Trump vetoes flavour ban sign-off

By Kashif Hussain 20th November 2019 2 Mins


US vapers finally have some cause for celebration after President Trump refused to sign-off a federal flavour ban

The Trump administration originally prepared the ban the sale of e-liquids in September and was awaiting guidelines from the FDA before introducing the ban at federal level.

The president’s stance on vaping was originally supported by his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, who voiced concern over the ‘vaping epidemic.’

However, he refused to sign the memo that would move the ban forward earlier this month.

According to the Washington Post, an anonymous senior administration official said:

“He didn’t know much about the issue and was just doing it for Melania and Ivanka”

Another anonymous adviser speaking to the Post said that Trump was beginning to have second thoughts after considering the job losses the ban could result in.

This could hurt both the economy and his chances of running for another term in next years’ election.

Protesters bearing the slogan ‘#WeVapeWeVote’ may have influenced Trump’s decision to reconsider going forth with the ban.

The ban on flavoured e-liquids was originally intended to stop children from picking up e-cigarettes.

Flavoured vapes were blamed for supposedly enticing children to start vaping, getting them addicted and leaving them with lung damage.

Several cities and states have already introduced flavour bans, including Michigan, New York and the city of San Francisco.

This is not necessarily the end of a federal flavour ban. White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a press email:

“President Trump and this administration are committed to responsibly protecting the health of children. At this time, we are in an ongoing rulemaking process, and I will not speculate on the final outcome”



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