#VapeNews August 5 2019

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Monday is back, yet again! So what did you miss while the barbecue was working overtime?

“FDA can save lives by rejecting Scott Gottlieb’s lies”

Michelle Minton of the Competitive Enterprise Institute slammed the continued moral panic about a “teenage vaping epidemic” in today’s Washington Examiner.

In the article, she points out the dangers of conflating the use of tobacco and vapour products and how data can be misrepresented to support inaccurate conclusions.

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South African Tobacco bill criticised for including e-cigarettes

New draft legislation in South Africa places vapour products in the same category as traditional tobacco, with the intention of limiting where people are allowed to smoke or vape.

If the bill passes, smoking and vaping will be outlawed in many places of work, including certain outdoor areas and even areas near building entrances.

South African vaping advocates have voiced concerns that this may threaten their rapidly-growing industry, which now employs over 4,000 full time workers.

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JUUL launches new C1 device

JUUL has launched a new ‘smart’ vape device across Canada and the UK this week.

The new model, dubbed the Juul C1, can be linked with facial recognition software to verify the user’s age and is also able to collect data regarding how often the device is used and where it is used.

The geolocation functionality can also be used to “geo-fence” certain areas, such as schools, which will prevent the device from being used.

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