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#VapeNews 27/8/19

By Staff Editor 27th August 2019 2 Mins


What did you miss over the long, sunny weekend? #VapeNews is here to get you in the loop.

Concerns about managing the environmental impact of vaping

The Guardian reported on growing concerns among researchers about irresponsibly disposed-of vape products.

While batteries can be recycled at the many battery disposal points found on the high street in the UK, cartridges containing e-liquid prove more challenging, since they must be cleaned before they are eligible for recycling.

Market leaders JUUL plan to provide a recycling program to the public in the near future, with a spokesman saying:

“As part of our goal to eliminate combustible cigarettes, we are committed to responsible stewardship and environmental sustainability”

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Retro sweets are making a comeback in confectionery and remain a staple in vaping

Retro sweets are seeing a substantial comeback in the confectionery industry.

As part of the report, one of the UK’s leading vape retailers VPZ revealed that retro sweet e-liquid flavours such as Blackjack are among its top 5 best sellers, out of more than 500 products.

Figures such as this are further proof that adult smokers benefit from flavoured vapour products as a means of disassociating from cigarettes.

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Arkansas legislature attempts to impose 67% tax on vapour products

The Arkansas legislature has proposed a 67% wholesale tax on vapour products within the state. This is troubling news for businesses and consumers in the area, as such a hike would “nearly double the price” of vapour products, according to Scout Stubbs, co-owner of Drippers Vape Shop.

Moreover, a wholesale tax would require business to immediately pay upon purchase of products before having the chance to recoup any costs via sales.

The Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance, with approximately 160 member businesses in the state, has suggested a 2% sales tax on vapour products instead.

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