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Vape shops may be exempted from US flavour ban

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President Trump may exempt vape shops from the anticipated federal flavour ban, according to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway

Conway made the comments during a White House address on Wednesday.

She said that e-liquids fell into two distinct categories: tobacco and menthol that appeal to adults and fruit and other flavours that appeal to children.

The FDA is expected to issue guidance this week.

Conway said:

“This is a burgeoning health crisis; the difference is between kids and adults.

“So HHS and FDA have jurisdiction over cigarettes and e-cigarettes under the Tobacco Control Act. They do not have jurisdiction over vaping and vape shops, for example.

“So, if we’re talking about e-cigarettes, the president, yes, he’s been discussing this with his team and he will, or HHS, will make an announcement soon.”

The Trump administration has come under sustained pressure to ban flavours since the emergence of the so-called teen vaping ‘epidemic.’

However, the President risks push-back from vape advocates in the 2020 election.

Paul Blair, director of strategic initiatives at Americans for Tax Reform and vaping advocate, said:

“My hope is that this is an acknowledgement that vape shops should continue to exist and sell reduced-risk nicotine products to adult smokers.

“If there is an exemption for vape shops, I think the administration has acknowledged the political and policy importance of preserving vaping for adults.”

Source: Bloomberg

Header Image: Gage Skidmore

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