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Last chance to play your part ahead of crucial TCP review

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The UKVIA is urging vapers to write to their local MPs ahead of a landmark parliamentary debate on Thursday.

It called on vaping advocates to make their voices heard so that politicians will understand the depth of public feeling about the health benefits of vaping before MPs review the current Tobacco Control plan.

The trade body called the debate a ‘huge opportunity to refocus efforts’ and ensure England hits its ambitious ‘Smokefree 2030’ target.

In a letter to MPs, the UKVIA detailed its hopes for the future of harm reduction, highlighting a number of key points that should be discussed during the conference.

The main factors it wants policymakers to consider include:

  • The TCP should be guided by the ‘growing body of evidence’ that cements vaping as a less harmful alternative, placing the UK as a ‘world leader in harm reduction.’
  • Misinformation and misconceptions surrounding vaping ‘should be challenged at every opportunity’, with approved health messages encouraging cautious smokers to make the switch.
  • The Government should collaborate with industry leaders to develop policies that promote vaping as a reduced risk product.
  • Greater support is needed for medical professionals, with evidence, education and a consistent message from quitting services for smokers.

The letter also urged politicians to use their newfound post-Brexit freedom, diverge from EU tobacco laws and adapt to the changing consumer trends, all with ‘greater ease and less bureaucracy.’

It said:

“In order to reduce the number of smokers nationally, we are calling on the Government to fully recognise the role that the UK’s vaping industry plays in harm reduction.

“Whilst the current regulations and existing TCP have allowed the vaping industry to flourish, they have hindered the ability of the sector to promote vaping as an effective way of switching.

“Parliamentarians should be advocating for fair and proportionate policies to help reduce inequalities and improve public health.”


To get involved in securing a brighter vaping future, supporters can copy the UKVIA’s letter template here, sign it and email it to their local MP.

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