Trump “Regrets” Involvement In Flavour Bans

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President Trump has reportedly told his health secretary that he “regrets” his involvement in the administration’s vaping policy.

The US President reportedly said that he “should never have done that f***ing vaping thing,” during a phone call in an Oval Office meeting.

His comments were apparently directed at health secretary Alex Azar, on speakerphone during a campaign meeting.

The president was discussing healthcare for 2020 when he made the “impromptu” phone call.

Azar was said to have responded defensively to the comment.

But sources say that Trump was not expressing regret at the outcome of vaping policy, but at his personal involvement.

Instead, he is said to have wished that he’d left the issue to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Trump Administration oversaw the federal ban on flavoured pods.

Meanwhile, vapers up and down the country are continuing to fight state bans with their “WE VAPE WE VOTE” campaign.

Many vapers have also taken to social media to share which flavours helped them to quit smoking.

But with new flavour bans continuing to come into force across the United States, the future of flavoured vaping in the country is uncertain.

Source: BusinessInsider and Axios

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