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The Success of Stoptober 2017

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The 2017 anti-smoking campaign has seen a tremendous rise in e-cigarette starter kit sales

The sixth annual Stoptober campaign was a special moment for vapers and advocates, as it marked the legitimisation of vaping as a smoking cessation tool from a government institution.

Public Health England not only expressed their support for vaping as an effective solution to bringing down the number of smokers, but cited the relative safety of e-cigarette use, and even featured the activity in its television advertising.

The endorsement went a long way, further than we could have hoped. Symbolic gestures and olive branches are good, but was Stoptober a measurable success and do we have the facts and figures to prove it?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The most encouraging statistic comes to us courtesy of Vape Club, who are the largest online retailer of vapour products. Fresh off such a milestone endorsement, the retailer offered a 15% discount with the code STOPTOBER and saw an immense 37% rise in sales of its e-cigarette starter kits.

Vape Club Director Dan Marchant said:

“It’s fantastic to see the NHS finally backing vaping as a pathway to quit smoking. The industry has been backing this alternative for a long time, but with the evidence provided by Public Health England, endorsements from the likes of Cancer Research UK and the figures which are produced by Action on Smoking and Health, there can be no doubt that vaping is the most effective method to give up tobacco.”

With just one NHS and Cancer Research-backed Stoptober under our belts, there’s no telling how many more breakthroughs are ahead for the UK’s many vape companies. Marchant added:

“The NHS advocating vaping as an alternative to tobacco is an enormous breakthrough and will do an outstanding amount of good for public health and tobacco control in the UK.”

It’s a huge confidence booster for the vaping industry to see that the backing of PHE and a revolutionary step forward of e-cig use in TV advertising, marked so much more than just an indication of goodwill. After years of making the case for vaping to the powers that be who reside over the political and medical spheres, we saw that their cooperation made a tangible difference in people’s lives. Every new starter kit purchased is a potential smoker saved from the ravages of a devastating and addictive habit, and now vape companies can continue to escalate and reach out to would-be vapers and industry enablers in every relevant sector.

One little nudge – be it a personal recommendation, an individual choosing to make the switch, an ambitious brewer starting to make their own liquids etc. – is all it takes to get the ball rolling. From now on, vape companies can mark the month down in their calendars as essential, knowing that, once again, we’re a net gain for public health and once again, we have the numbers to prove it.

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