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The French vape market is on the rise

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Vaping in France is catching up to the UK with more than two million French people regularly using an e-cigarette.

That’s according to a new study, which indicates a major surge in the popularity of vaping in the next three years in the country.

The research points toward fast growth in the French vape industry, citing an increase in the cost of smoking by 2020 as one factor in encouraging smokers to switch to the less harmful alternative.

The Xerfi Institute study examined the main brands of e-cigarette products currently on the market, competition in distribution, policy and regulatory framework and the main consequences for brands and retailers.

The study also looked into the financial ratios of the first 200 vape stores to open in France.

Innovation and inspiration of other markets, such as the success of JUUL in the US, are also said to be key to the future of the French vape scene. As is the support of tobacconists or ‘tabac’ shops.

The market grew in France by 21 percent from 2017-2018 and French e-liquids account for one third of sales.

The Xerfi Institute is the leading independent institute of economic research in France.

France has a population of 67 million, according to these figures, three percent of the population now vapes.


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