New Oxford University Podcast Explores the Latest Vaping Research

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Two Oxford University researchers distill the latest e-cigarette research in a new monthly podcast series.

In episode 1 of ‘Let’s Talk E-Cigarettes’, hosts Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson are joined by special guest Professor Mark Eisenberg, to discuss their recent Cochrane review.

Can electronic cigarettes (EC) help people stop smoking and are they safe to use for this purpose?‘ looked at:

  • How e-cigarettes compared to behavioural quit support;
  • The most common ‘unwanted effects from vaping and how these reduced over time;
  • The limitations of the currently-available research

The podcast is funded by Cancer Research UK and is a great way to keep up to speed with the latest studies in this emerging field.

Header Image by Meatle from Pixabay

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