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New study reveals the real cost of a lifelong smoking habit

By Emily Malia 25th May 2023 3 Mins


After a new study revealed just how much money Brits are losing to a lifelong smoking habit, Vapouround looks at just some of the luxurious spends that could be made if a smoking habit never existed.

As an ex-smoker you may occasionally find yourself reminiscing on the days of holding that cigarette between your fingers and taking a long, drawn out drag.

However, you probably don’t think back to the smell of smoke lingering on your clothes or the fight for breath as you do so little as run for the bus.

Above all, you most definitely don’t fondly recall burning a hole in your back pocket each time you forked out for tobacco.

According to a recent study commissioned by Unsmoke UK, the average smoker spends £1,950 on cigarettes each year totalling to a staggering £120,900 in their adult lifetime.

The study of 2,000 people revealed that 67 percent of smokers are aware that they are wasting money with three-quarters of them failing to quit in the past.

Of those that are looking to quit, 74 percent claimed their main motivation was money, even more so than bettering their health – which was close behind at 72 percent.

Christian Woolfenden, Managing Director of the UK and Ireland for Philip Morris International – which commissioned the study – said:

“It’s surprising to see these figures laid out in front of you in this way.”

“Most people would be delighted with a cash boost of more than 100,000 – but seeing it slip away bit by bit on cigarettes is avoidable by quitting.”

So, what other luxuries in life could smokers afford if they finally decided to ditch the deadly habit and say hasta la vista to tobacco, for good?

With the £120,900 lost on a smoking habit you could purchase six of the most sought-after designer bags in the world…the Birkin bag by Hermes.

If designer bags aren’t for you and you need a little more elegance in your life, you could be the owner of 24 Oyster Perpetual watches from the ultimate luxury watch brand Rolex.

Do they not quite tickle your fancy? Don’t worry, with the money spent on a lifetime of cigarettes you could be the owner of not one but two Mercedes Benz C-Class cars.

According to a 2022 study, the average wedding in the UK costs nearly £18,400.

So, with the cash splashed on a lifetime tobacco habit, you could pay for up to six of these special days.

What better way to celebrate any special occasion than by splurging on a lavish bottle of champagne?

Well, with the money spent as a life-long smoker you could purchase a bottle of Dom Pérignon a whopping 525 times.

The cash doesn’t stop there, with the £120,900 spent on a long-standing cigarette habit you could pay for two houses as the average house deposit in the UK requires around 15 percent.


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