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Winter Is Coming…

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Top tips for vaping in cold weather.

As the seasons change, so too will your methods if you want to safely and efficiently vape in Britain’s wintry weather.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Choose your outings carefully, as well as your vape sessions. For a start, vape indoors as often as you can. If you’re a stranger in a strange land then find out where the local lounges are, or any venue which allows indoor vaping. If you must to go outside, try doing it somewhere with an overhead cover. Resist the temptation to drip while outdoors.

It’s All About the Batteries

Your batteries will be taking a big hit when the weather changes. A cooled battery will suffer a slower electrochemical process and operate at less than its maximum voltage. Recharging will also take longer, and never deliver results as satisfying as with a fully optimised mod. Keep your batteries tucked away and don’t try to change them while exposed to the elements. When on the move, try storing them in a sealed or warmed container.

Mod Preparation

A good mod can keep you vaping all through the year. However, some parts of that year are not as forgiving as others.

If you want to spend a little extra and fully adapt, there are plenty of devices designed for harsher weather conditions. We’ve been through the importance of batteries; a larger device holding two or three has more power and more resilience. Stay away from metal mods and go for less conductive material such as furnished wood, plastic or a resin compound.

You can also modify your e-cigarette if you don’t feel like buying another. Your mod’s mouthpiece is a customisable piece of kit that can be swapped around appropriately. Substitute a metal drip tip for one made of plastic, glass, ceramic or wood, so you don’t end up with your tongue frozen to your device.

This one’s a bit obvious, but you don’t want any moisture getting inside your mod either. Winters can be notoriously wet, and snowfall isn’t always going to be solid. Leavening your liquids with rain can be disastrous for your tank and the circuitry of your mod’s hardware. Odds are you’ll be wearing gloves while outside, stay away from any that aren’t waterproofed.

Thickening Liquids

Low temperatures don’t just affect your hardware, they can thicken your liquids, causing wicking problems. High or pure VG liquids will be the most at-risk due to their already higher viscosity. Left unattended in colder weather they might even begin to crystallise, rendering them useless to vape and damaging for your device. No one wants their Vapouround Berry Ice juice to live up to its name literally.

The winter months are a good time to invest in and get used to PG liquids. This is not an ideal time of year to be blowing big clouds anyway; if your breath is steaming up, your clouds won’t dissipate as quickly as normal and you may end up obstructing someone’s view, and nobody likes an obnoxious public cloudchaser.

Vaping should be easy, safe and fun no matter what. Keep these tips in mind, and even the coldest season of the year won’t hamper your experiences.

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