Last-minute Vaper Expo preparation guide

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Vaper Expo is finally (almost) here! Make sure you come prepared by reading this handy guide before you set off

Wear comfortable clothing

A day at Vaper Expo is not too dissimilar to an endurance race and you will definitely pound through more than your 10,000 steps between opening and closing.

While you might be tempted to use the opportunity to show off a new pair of shoes, a reliable and comfortable pair is a must.

The same applies to loose-fitting clothing. It can get very warm in the expo hall with all the people, the lights and the vape fog hanging in the air, so a light t-shirt is recommended.

Leave early

With so much to see, you will be amazed how quickly Vaper Expo flies by. Make sure you get there as early as possible to ensure that you get to see everyone and everything on your list.

It may take a while to find a parking space and queue, so take this into account before setting off and relying on Google Maps to get you there on-time.

Bring cash and/or supplies

Vaper Expo and the NEC have pretty much everything you’re likely to need over the course of the weekend. But be aware that you will burn through expendables very quickly so you might want to stock-up on supplies.

Even if you intend to buy food on-site, a supply of light snacks goes a long way.

Don’t forget the essentials

  • Tickets!
  • Wallet, keys, phone
  • Clothing and toiletries if you’re staying over
  • Hotel reservations
  • Change for the parking machine
  • Medication
  • Any essential vape supplies
  • Batteries/charger/power bank

See you soon, vapers!

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