ITV Bosses Will Ban Smoking for New Season of Love Island

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Love Island viewers can breathe a sigh of smoke-free relief for the upcoming season.

It was last summer’s hit TV show, with one downside – complaints about smoking.

Despite it’s sky high audience ratings, ITV’s Love Island attracted a lot of criticism from viewers and charities due to the regular occurrence of the cast smoking cigarettes on screen.

This week The Sun reported that the TV channel has clamped down on the next season’s reality stars smoking on the show by banning cigarettes outright in both the villa and the garden.

Now contestants in the fourth season will need to indulge their nicotine cravings by asking a producer permission to smoke and bring them to a designated smoking area. They could still be on camera, so contestants could still be seen smoking on screen but not as much as previously.

According to The Sun, a source said,

“Last year there were more viewer complaints about the amount of smoking than anything else. It did feel like someone had a fag in their hand constantly last series, so hopefully viewers will notice the difference.”

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