As Smoking Dies, Is Vape Music On The Rise?

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Youtube’s most popular vaper tries his hand at a music video with a bold message, and might be part of a new trend in vaping

With almost 900 000 subscribers, Youtuber RiP Trippers is no stranger to hard work. His rise to the top of a massive and diverse online vape vlogging community has been an impressive effort of keeping on top of all the news, and staying ahead of the curve on the latest mods and liquids while maximising user engagement.

The witty, fast-moving, fast-talking and fast creating RiP has been pumping out unmissable content for five years. His videos have now accumulated over 146 million views. His well-edited and engaging videos cover everything a seasoned vaper could need, all the while combining the best tropes of presentation and style that pro-vape media is known for. It’s colourful, it’s humorous, it’s unpredictable and best of all, it contains the occasional giveaway for a lucky viewer.

At the five year mark, with a million subscribers now well within reach, the ambitious Rip has branched out into a new area: music. His new song Smoking is Dead, Vaping is the Future isn’t exactly trying to win any Grammys, but comes in the same style we’re accustomed to with vaping culture: tongue-in-cheek and never prone to taking itself too seriously.

Previously the intersection of vaping and music hasn’t gone much farther than finding the right chilled out instrumental playlist to lie back and vape to. But that might be changing.

Music about vaping, though small (and about as niche as it gets) is becoming more prominent. Three years ago, VapeHappy massed over 200 000 views with their song VAPE AND BE HAPPY!  Three months later, Youtube rapper Ham$ta released Stay Strapped (Vape Song).

Is it a hit? And should the vape community keep trying projects like these to get the message out? Have a listen and decide for yourself.

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