Christmas and New Year Vaping Guide

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Make sure you stock up and plan ahead

So, here we are. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. While the festive period gives us a chance to let our hair down and have some fun, it does provide vapers with some potential challenges to consider.

I’ll spare you the annual clichés about family spats and the ceaseless passing of time and move straight onto our guide on how to get the most out of the festive season.


Before the madness begins make sure you’re stocked up on juices, coils and any other consumables that you’re likely to get through over the Christmas and New Year period. Also, be sure to find out your favourite vape shop’s opening times. It may be that it only closes for 24 hours, but do you really want to spend Boxing Day fighting through the High Street crowds when you could be at home swigging eggnog and bingeing on Netflix?


You’ve got the novelty socks and garish Christmas jumper. Why not go the whole hog and purchase some festive liquids? Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like Yorkshire pudding and gravy e-liquid!


There are so many ideas for vape gifts out there, ranging from mods and liquids to t-shirts, hats and keyrings. You could even purchase one of the many vaping subscription services which will send the recipient new juices every month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Practice Stealth Vaping

Despite all the evidence indicating that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, some non-smokers would rather not be engulfed in sweet-smelling vapour as they sip their mulled wine. And while some pubs and clubs implicitly or explicitly allow vaping, it would be courteous to reign in the vapour clouds as much as possible. Consider the liquids you use and how you vape them.


Imagine you’ve woken up with a cracking hangover on New Year’s Day. You reach for your mod and take a hit of sweet, sugary juice. Is that really the kind of taste you want in your system when your stomach is angry with you? Perhaps you should opt for something a bit subtler until it has settled down.

Or maybe you could avoid that situation altogether by vaping some CBD e-liquid while you drink and recover? A University of Kentucky study found that administration of CBD can offset the negative physiological effects of alcohol consumption. Worth a try.

Do Something Good

Your New Year’s resolution could be to reduce your nicotine consumption or quit altogether, or maybe you could encourage a friend to try vaping. It’s also worth considering supporting the industry by becoming a member of IBVTA or donating to the NNA.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Vapouround!

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