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Breaking ground with Kapka’s Flava

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On December 15, Kapka’s Flava launched Sturm, a vanilla ice cream and green apple syrup e-liquid imbued with the ‘Cooling Effect’.

Anticipation for the release was built on social media over a month, climaxing with a dark and atmospheric film that had pushed Goran Krstic’s creative and film making skills to new heights.

This was just the latest in a slew of creative social media campaigns from the mind of the head honcho of Kapka’s Flava.

“The very first video was for Cold Heart, a limited edition liquid we released in 2017. The video was a bit more basic than the new one, just animation of a heart pumping,” Goran said.

”I wanted to do something that nobody else had, a limited run, each with a unique serial number.

“Bottles sold out in Germany within 24 hours. Some people still have their bottles. They realised that they should keep them in a safe or vault. People now pay 100 Euros or more on eBay, just for one bottle.”

Sunshot followed. Launched at Hall of Vape with an accompanying video of two suns colliding, one fire and once ice. Again, Goran was the creative mind but he was still relatively new to the technology.

“The videos are my idea but I need help to realise it because I’m not very good with Photoshop,” he said. “Sunshot was also produced with limited ed bottles with serial numbers.”

Like all great ideas, the inspiration for the Cooling Effect hit when his mind was distracted. While eating an ice cream he wondered, “why not have this cooling effect in an e-liquid?” He looked around, tried a few coolers, but none of them were quite there.

He didn’t want to follow the well-trodden menthol path, either. The only option was to create something new.

“I spoke to one of the producers and told them that I wanted to create a cooler of my own,” Goran said. “And with that, Kapka’s was born.”

There are now nine e-liquids in the Kapka’s line: the six Frosted flavours with the Cooling Effect, and the Creamy series fusing dessert classics with complimentary yet surprising additions. ‘Good JuJu’ with its Cheesecake with blackcurrant and lemon, Gjallahorn fusing cream with peanut butter, and Last Word, the warm and creamy pistachio pudding.

“I’m not a fan of having one line with tens of thousands of flavours so I decided to cap the Kapkas line and people can also see that I can also do a creamy line,” Goran said. “They think, but
that’s Kapka’s Flava, that’s the home of the Cooling Effect!”

The next step was to build another distinctive line, though this one with a slightly darker edge.

Again, inspiration struck in the least likely of places.

“Since 2016 I’ve been travelling 100km a time to visit my barber to get a fresh cut on my beard and hair,” Goran said. “I was sitting there one time thinking ‘what would be a cool name for a new line?’ Of course! A barber!”

The Barber himself was on-hand at Hall of Vape in May 2018 to show vapers why Goran considers him to be ‘the f**king best barber in the world!’

As for 2019, you can expect to find Goran on the expo circuit, though when and where is yet to be decided. Spain and Italy are likely options.

“2019 will be a special year,” Goran said. “I’m creating a new tobacco liquid and we’ll maybe push more concentrates in German market. There’ll be new limited flavours in May and November. You can expect two to three new limited flavours from us every year.”

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