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Komodo Vape Brushes Aside Copycats to Focus on New Brands

By Staff Editor 3rd March 2021 2 Mins


Family-run Komodo Vape has teamed up with Amazon to deter counterfeiters from stealing their content and further improve their customer experience. 

The small ‘mom-and-pop’ store – which has more brands than it does employees – has rolled up its sleeves and put an end to the ‘longstanding’ problem of copycats.  

Founder and commercial director, Steve Hoskins, said:  

“Since launching the brand we’ve come across a number of different companies that have tried to counterfeit us, either by cloning the liquid, using similar designs or blatantly copying the products.

“They probably saw us as low hanging fruit, that we’re a small company and wouldn’t fight back…but we’re not afraid to protect our brand.” 

Steve Hoskins, Komodo Vape

To combat the counterfeiting, Komodo’s account manager liaised with Amazon, pointing out that a number of companies were cloning their products and tricking customers into buying them. He was then turned to the recently-launched Amazon Transparency service – an app that provides legitimate products with a unique authentication code.  

This allows scanners to pick out the fakes before they’re loaded up on delivery vans and prepared for transit.  Consumers can also download the app and scan their purchase as it arrives, giving them peace of mind that they are getting genuine Komodo Vape products. 

“The message I want to get across is that we found a solution, and have resolved the issue.

“We do our best to keep our existing customers up to date, but there are always new users around the corner, and we want to ensure that they are aware as well.” 

Steve Hoskins, Komodo Vape

Steve has since turned his attention back to innovating fresh and exciting products, adding to his already impressive collection of brands.  

Eight lines currently make up the popular Komodo Vape roster, including Jungle Juice, DRYP, Cider Farms and the recently released LOUT range – use code HUGME20 for 20 percent off via the Komodo Vape website.  



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