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Hong Kong Announces Plan To Ban The Personal Use of Vaping and Heated Tobacco Devices

By Oliver Smith 5th July 2024 2 Mins


The Hong Kong health secretary announced a plan for the region to ban the personal use and possession of vaping and heated tobacco devices.

After previously banning the sale of vaping products, Hong Kong is now proposing to extend this prohibition to include personal use.

This new initiative reflects a growing concern about the health impacts of vaping and a desire to curb the usage of e-cigarettes among the population.

Hong Kong’s legislative council is considering a bill that would criminalize the possession and use of vaping products.

This move is seen as a stringent extension of the existing ban on the import, manufacture, sale, and distribution of e-cigarettes, which has been in effect since April 2022.

If the bill passes, individuals found using or possessing vaping devices could face severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Authorities argue that e-cigarettes, despite being marketed as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, still pose significant health risks.

There is particular concern about the increasing popularity of vaping among young people.

Health experts in Hong Kong have pointed out that the chemicals used in e-cigarettes can be harmful and that there is insufficient evidence to support claims that they help in smoking cessation.

Critics of the ban argue that such draconian measures could drive the vaping market underground, leading to a black market for e-cigarettes.

They also contend that the ban could deprive smokers of a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Despite these criticisms, the Hong Kong government remains firm in its stance, citing studies that show the potential long-term health effects of vaping are not fully understood.

This proposed ban is part of a broader trend in Asia where several countries, including Thailand and India, have implemented strict regulations on vaping.

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