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NHS to invest £183m in long-term plan which will tackle smoking

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The NHS has unveiled a new long-term strategy which aims to curb smoking in the UK. Smoking costs the healthcare system billions annually.

Under the new initiative, launched this week, the NHS will offer advice on how to quit smoking for good to every smoker admitted to hospital.

This will include patients suffering from poor mental health and those with learning disabilities.

Expectant mothers and their partners will also be targeted in the scheme, which is expected to save £10 million.

An estimated 600,000 smokers will receive help to quit over the next five years as part of the plan with smoking hotspots being targeted specifically.

It’s not yet clear what role e-cigarettes will play in the initiative, however the support for vaping as a smoking cessation tool in the UK is on the rise, in particular from Public Health England.

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