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Hardware Previews: Evolv Reflex, Vandy Vape GUAR-21

By Staff Editor 13th November 2020 4 Mins


This week, the Evolv Reflex and Vandy Vape GUAR-21 should prove to be exciting reveals for new and experienced vapers alike. Let’s take a look at what these devices will offer on launch.

Evolv Reflex

Evolv Reflex
Evolv Reflex size comparison with cigarette lighter

Evolv Reflex Specs

Dimensions: 101.6mm height (other dimensions unconfirmed)

Battery capacity: 750mAh internal cell

Charging: 1A Micro-USB

Price: $120 (standard), $80 (customers 40 years or older)

Evolv are best known for their DNA chipsets, which are widely considered to be among the most reliable on the market. It’s been over two years since they released a new product and this week they’ve finally changed that.

The Evolv Reflex may look like a regular pod system, but the amount of research and development that’s gone into this device is unmatched in the industry, if claims from the company are true.

The first part of the concept is an automatic power curve that changes depending on how hard you draw. Evolv President Brendan Ward notes that with a traditional cigarette, the harder you draw, the more heat, flavour intensity and nicotine is produced. Up to now with vaping, the opposite is true, since drawing harder pulls more air through the coil. To combat this, the Evolv Reflex ramps up power the harder you draw, mimicking the heat and nicotine delivery of a cigarette.

In order to achieve this, Evolv spent lots of time modelling the properties of traditional cigarettes, which led the company to design an entire new airflow system, which maintains maximum flavour output no matter the rate at which you draw. Users can choose from three power curves, which mimic ultra-light, light and full flavour cigarettes.

In addition to this, the Evolv Reflex uses the precise temperature control tech found in DNA devices, in order to mitigate the chance of dry hits, maintain flavour production and extend the life of coils.

The final game changer is quality control. Each pod is individually tested for its resistance, wicking density and seal before leaving the production line and then given its own QR code. Users will be able to scan every pod to check its specific test results, which has never been attempted before.

There is a catch, though. All this tech and quality control comes at a price. The Evolv Reflex is being introduced at $120 as standard, or $80 for customers over the age of 40. For many smokers, a vaping device that closely mimics cigarettes is the ultimate prize, though, so it could still be popular.

Hopefully, we will see the price of the Evolv Reflex come down as the technology matures and R&D costs are recouped. This is an exciting prospect for transitioning smokers.

Vandy Vape GUAR-21

Vandy Vape GUAR-21

Vandy Vape GUAR-21 Specs

Dimensions: 96.5mm*58.8mm*30mm

Materials: Fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate

Power output: 5W-200W

Battery capacity: 2x 21700/20700/18650 external cells

Weight: 128g

Price: $58.99 (pre-order)

Youtuber Suck My Mod has teamed up with Vandy Vape to design the Vandy Vape GUAR-21. The concept was to create a lightweight dual 21700 device and with a total weight of 128g before installing batteries, it looks like they’ve succeeded.

This super low weight has been achieved with the use of fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate, which has previously been used in mods like the Swell and Pulse 2. In addition to this, it looks like real considerations have been made about size, making the Vandy Vape GUAR-21 one of the smallest dual 21700 devices ever produced.

As with other devices using the latest Vandy Chip, the Vandy Vape GUAR-21 has a fully waterproof board, which means the device should be very resilient to e-liquid or water ingress. Unlike IP67 devices, it wont protect batteries from water damage, but the mod itself should be fine if dropped into water.

With a massive 200W power ceiling, the latest Vandy Chip and an ergonomic C-frame form factor, the Vandy Vape GUAR-21 looks to be an excellent option for high wattage vapers who need extreme battery life and power output.

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Vandy Vape GUAR-21


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