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Gottlieb says JUUL should be removed from market

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Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb believes that JUUL products should be removed from the US market

Gottlieb said it was clear that the company ‘can’t keep their products out of the hands of kids.’

He stepped down from his post in April and is now on the board of directors at Pfizer.

Gottlieb said:

“What’s driving the youth use is primarily JUUL.

“You’ve hooked a lot of kids.

“Kids now, it’s become sort of fashionable and they like the form and fashion of this product. It could be that this product can’t exist on the market anymore.”

Gottlieb has continued to speak out against JUUL since leaving his FDA post.

But he has maintained that vaping should be embraced as a harm reduction tool for adult smokers.

Gottlieb has in recent days expression his frustration at how the current THC vaping scare has been reported.

Many media outlets have continued to link the cases to nicotine or have stopped reporting on it since the CDC zeroed in on vitamin E acetate in THC oils.

Gottlieb has also called on the FDA to implement ad hoc CBD regulations to protect consumers until official regulations are put in place.

He said that it’s up to manufacturers to prove that their products are safe.

Source: CNBC

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