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EU Report Reveals Vaping Attitudes and Behaviours

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A report from the EU Commission has revealed interesting insights into vaping behaviour in the EU and UK.

The Eurobarometer is conducted every few years to gain valuable insight into how Europeans view different issues.

This is the first report since 2017 to include e-cigarettes and smoking.

A total of 28,288 Europeans were surveyed in 2020, of which 1,051 were from the UK.

Of those in the UK who said they had vaped to quit smoking, 24 percent reported they had successfully done so.

However, 70 percent of respondents across the EU and UK who had rarely or never vaped did not believe that e-cigarettes helped smokers quit.

A total of 69 percent of UK respondents who had tried vaping were smokers, compared to 10 percent who had never smoked.

In comparison, 36 percent of those in the EU who had tried e-cigarettes were smokers and four percent had never smoked.

Flavour Preferences

Among those who vape at least once a month, fruit flavours were the most popular, followed by tobacco and mint/menthol.

Meanwhile, 12 percent of respondents used salt nicotine products in their rotation.


There is a big difference between how frequently EU and UK residents view vaping promotions and marketing.

Almost a quarter of UK respondents (22 percent) reported frequently seeing vape advertising, compared to 7 percent of EU respondents.

Tobacco Decline Continues

The proportion of smokers across the EU and UK has decreased since the 2017 report, with less than a quarter (23 percent) using a traditional tobacco product.

At 12 percent, UK has the second lowest smoking prevalence of the countries surveyed, compared to 42 percent in Greece.

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