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Calling All Vapers

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Your chance to get involved in an influential survey – and voice your opinion about vapour products and advertising restrictions.

The Committee of Advertising Practice has just announced that they are consulting on potential changes to present prohibitions on e-cigarette and e-liquid health claims.

According to their official press release:

“This proposal follows the results of a call for evidence last year in which a majority of respondents argued that improvements in products and the positive view taken by many public health stakeholders about e-cigarettes’ relative safety compared with smoked tobacco warranted the removal of the prohibition.”

The inability to clearly state the truth of vaping’s safety and other benefits when compared to combustible cigarette smoking has hampered companies trying to get their message out and further this miraculous public health boon.

The announcement’s mention of a call to evidence, and the feedback of respondents should be encouraging to us. When we unite, turn words into action and make the case for vaping – backed by the evidence – we make a difference.

This is a rare opportunity to have a real say in the future of the vape industry by lifting one of its most restrictive constrains. Click on the link, get send your thoughts and don’t forget to share.

Vaping thrives when its strong community comes together; it has seen us through the TPD, misleading tabloid stories, and other pressures. Now, with your help, we can gain another victory.

You can learn more here.

You have until Monday 16 October. If you’re in the vaping industry, or a dedicated vaper who cares about its future, take this survey and be counted!



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