Ahead of the Expo

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How a first-timer can prepare for one of the biggest vape shows of the year.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and experience one of the best vape trade shows in the world, congratulations! We can’t wait to see you there. With little over a month left, we can confidently say that Vaper Expo: The Return, A Celebration of Vaping will live up to its name, and cap off an excellent year for the business and the people who love it.

But it wouldn’t be wise to rush in blind to such a momentous event. Here’s the best last-minute advice we have to help make your weekend the best it can possibly be.

Get Some Good Footwear

We’re not kidding when we say you’ll be spoiled for choice. Every stand at the Expo is brimming with new liquids, mods, people to share with, and experiences to be had. Odds are you’ll be on your feet for hours at a time, so eliminate any potential discomfort with a comfortable pair of shoes.

Get a Good Bag

By the time you leave, you may very well end up holding more bottles than the average liquor store. If you don’t want to compromise and dispose of anything to free up space, make sure you arrive with a spacious sturdy bag for all your goods.

Stock Up On Food and Drink

As you journey from stand to stand, vaping hundreds of flavours and snapping pictures of sights seldom seen outside the Expo, you may lose yourself in all the excitement and forget to recharge. It’s a weekend of unexpected twists and turns, not always suited to a rigid schedule. Make sure you don’t end up running on an empty stomach, and have a bottle of water at the ready to keep yourself hydrated.

Prepare Your Mod For Anything

Regardless of what kind of mod you’re packing, it’s going to be put through its paces, taking more unique liquids in a single weekend than most do in a month. Extra batteries are a must. We also recommend a mobile or plug-in charger kit.

Prepare For The Weather

As discussed in our previous blog post Winter is Coming, the latter end of the year isn’t the friendliest or most efficient for vapers, weather-wise. The only potential dampener on the weekend could be…literal damp. Wrap up warm and stay dry – that goes double for your vaping hardware and liquids. See the full post for details.

Know The Terrain

The Vaper Expo organisers have kindly allowed us to share the live floor plan ahead of the weekend, to free you up from needing to re-check your map every few minutes. Here’s the link:

Most of all, have fun, and never be afraid to give feedback. Honest reviews are the lifeblood of the Expo’s continued expansion and improvements, and your words can play a part in making the next outing even better.


Find the floor plan here:


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