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News: Amateur attempt at Canadian vape shop robbery captured in hilarious footage

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Last year, a gang of would-be robbers stormed a Belgian vape shop, only to be convinced by a member of staff to return later in the day when there would be more money available. Incredibly, they believed him and were arrested on their return.

This week, an even more farcical attempt at a robbery occurred, this time at Flamingo Vape Shop in Winnipeg. And it was all captured on high-quality narrated video.

One robber (wearing a high-vis jacket) couldn’t work out how to unplug a laptop. Another focused on zero-nicotine short-fills and empty mod boxes, despite the devices being right in front of her.

Cam Rochon who owns the shop, said:

“It was just so stupid to watch. My favourite part was when the lady attempted to smash the display case but the glass ended up falling on her head instead.”

Flamingo is offering a $2,000 reward for information that helps identify the robbers.

Source: Vice

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