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Lung illness patient speaks out after news report plays down THC link

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A man hospitalised after using THC vape cartridges has spoken out after a misleading news report linked his condition to nicotine e-liquids

Ben Camarillo claimed that the ABC 7 News report edited the video to make it look like he was talking about e-liquid flavours when he had only ever used THC products.

Early in the clip he explains that ‘when new products would come out I would take a trip and go grab them’, at which point the camera zooms in on a box of e-liquids.

Camarillo said:

“I told them I never vaped e-juice, only THC products and they threw the vape industry under the bus for it.”


The report was heavily themed on the government’s proposal to ban all flavoured e-liquids, despite Pulmonologist Dr Mark Sigler saying that ‘THC is the most likely compound they’re related to.’

But the report then swiftly moved back onto flavoured nicotine products.

The story has since been followed up by a number of prominent YouTube channels, including DashVapes and the UK’s Empire Vape Co.

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