Introducing Mr Vapour Hound! Meet the newest addition to the Vapouround team

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Introducing Mr Vapour Hound! Meet the newest addition to the Vapouround team

Roisin Delaney

Hello there! I’m the new Vapouround mascot. My family call me Mr Vapour Hound, but you can just call me Mister.

I live in Derby and my mum and dad work with Vapouround. I’m finally three months old now so they take me everywhere with them for work – to the lounges, the office and the warehouse, which is really like a big kennel!

When I first came to the Vapouround office, I was passed around from human to human like I was something special. Everyone wanted to rub my belly.

I was used to being called Bruno at home, but everyone here called me Mr Vapour Hound. I was a bit confused to start with but after a while I started to like it.

On my first day at the office, I was brought into a strange room and someone started to take photos of me with something called a camera. They were shouting my name to get my attention so I struck a few poses because, woof, why not, at least look cute.

My favourite part was when they gave me a hat to chew on. All of the attention and cuddles were wonderful, but I needed my beauty sleep. I sat for a few more photos before we left for home and I could finally nap in the car.

I like my new friends at Vapouround, and I think they like me too!

The second time I was taken to the office, I came with Liv and Mummy. I didn’t want to walk to start with but I soon realised that my friends were all here again to see me.

Liv took me to accounts to see Jo, Lauren and Anna. Then I was carried on an adventure to explore upstairs. There was a nice soft bed waiting for me in the design room. I love them all in that department, they like to play and have photoshoots. They’re the best! After playing and some more exploring, it was time for a nap in front of a fan with a nice breeze. And before I knew it, it was time to go home to my big brother again.

I like having my own office, I really like photographs and I think I’m ready to be the boss as well as the mascot now.

Until next time,

Mr Vapour Hound 




*By Olivia Johnson




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