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Hand Sanitiser in Vape Bottles? This Needs to Stop. Now.

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voxpo vape live 2020 usa

The vape industry has been built on entrepreneurship and the ability to move rapidly in response to changing circumstances.

Today we have seen that some vape companies have sought to expand into producing hand sanitiser in the wake of the rapidly-escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

It has just been announced that there have been a further 134 people testing positive for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours and as this blog post is being written an emergency COBRA meeting chaired by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is underway.

We have no problem with e-liquid companies using their clean rooms to produce these much-needed hygiene products – especially at a time when pharmacies and supermarkets are running out of supplies across the country.

However we have seen images of products containing 70 percent alcohol hand sanitiser being packaged in short-fill style bottles, and the fear is that they could all too easily be mistaken for e-liquid.

Hand sanitiser is clearly not safe to vape so any company making such products should be very careful that their products are not confused with a vapour product.

The whole ethos of our industry is one of harm-reduction so we must do all in our power to ensure that the public could not confuse a bottle of hand sanitiser for a regular vaping product.

Also remember that vapers could easily have a bottle of e-liquid and a bottle of hand sanitiser in their bag or pocket at the same time.

Surely they should both look sufficiently different to avoid confusion?

voxpo vape live 2020 usa
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