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Funding for ‘You Don’t Know Nicotine’ documentary edges closer to $50,000 target

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A Kickstarter campaign to fund a new film from the director of ‘A Billion Lives’ is just $12,000 away from achieving its $50,000 target.

Aaron Biebert’s ‘You Don’t Know Nicotine’ aims to dispel the myths surrounding the controversial substance.

Aaron’s previous film is widely regarded as the definitive vaping advocacy documentary, having picked up numerous awards on the international film festival circuit.

By interviewing experts on both sides of the debate, You Don’t Know Nicotine aims to answer three key questions:

  • How does nicotine actually affect developing brains?
  • Are there any benefits to adults who use nicotine without smoking?
  • Who’s covering up the truth about nicotine, and why?


Aaron said:

“Looking back on the movement we created together shows the power of truth in uniting people together for a vital cause. It’s exciting to see that teen smoking rates in the US and other countries have dropped to historic lows in the past year.

“However, new headlines are causing a panic. There are fears that vapour devices will replace cigarettes as the preferred method to use nicotine. Some people would say that’s a good thing, others are afraid that it’s leading to a deadly nicotine epidemic among kids.

“With a raging debate about nicotine, sin taxes and various bans, many parents and former smokers have been asking us to investigate.”

The documentary is currently the most popular film and video project on Kickstarter.

To find out more and and make a pledge before the February 25 deadline, head over to the Kickstarter page here

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