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Vape Live – Day One Highlights

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Discover what happened on Day 1 of Vape LIVE UK 2021

Today marks the launch of our fourth virtual Vape Live event, which brings together vapers, business owners and harm reduction advocates onto one revolutionary platform.

This show is set to be our biggest yet, with a collection of wacky game shows and the very first inter-departmental Vapouround Cup sprinkled across the three live days.

Not to mention our roster of expert speakers, who discussed news, politics and regulatory changes from around the world of vaping.

Here are some of our highlights from the first live day.

The Inaugural Vapouround Cup

In the first ever inter-departmental Vapouround Cup, we pitted our staff against each other in a series of insane head-to-head challenges.

And with ten eager competitors, six gruelling challenges and five rival departments, there was no telling what would happen.

The rounds were as follows:

  • Round One – Blind Taste Test and Chilli Hot Seat
  • Round Two – Ice Bucket Quiz and Egg Roulette
  • Round Three – Eat it or Wear it, Space Hopper Race and Winners Announced.

To see our contestants being pushed to their physical and gastronomical limits, as well as discover who won the the coveted trophy and was crowned the ultimate department, be sure to check out the full webinars at Vape Live.

Eat it or Wear it

The Vaping Round-Up

Vapouround Editor Patrick Griffin was joined by Journalist Jordan Millar in this comprehensive round-up of the world of vaping news.

Covering everything from the weird and wonderful to the genuinely alarming, they gave us the details on some of the biggest stories from around the globe.

They paid particular attention to the World Health Organization and it’s antagonistic approach to vaping, warning that it could shift the perspectives of global leaders in the wrong direction when it comes to tobacco harm reduction.

Patrick said:

“The WHO is such a big and powerful organisation that other countries around the world will listen to them.

“And when they’re giving awards to countries that ban vaping and encourage smoking, something has messed up.

“This is serious.”

Patrick Griffin, Vapouround Magazine

They also discussed Canada’s growing hostility towards vaping and called on consumers across the globe to share their stories and join the fight against bad regulation.

The Vaping Round Up

Petitions, Protests and Press Releases: What it’s like being the face of the World Vapers’ Alliance

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, is on the front lines when it comes to protecting the rights of vapers, running a series of campaigns to educate politicians and raise public awareness about the reduced risk alternative.

But the fight is far from over, with Michael gearing up to stand against poor policies on an international scale.

He told Vape Live about his upcoming bus tour, where he will travel to a number of countries around Europe, listen to vapers’ quitting stories and encourage them to reach out to their local politicians.

Michael said:

“We launched ‘Back Vaping Beat Smoking’ with the general goal of shaping international public health policies.

“And if politicians can get it right, we could save 200 million lives.

“It’s a very powerful message that every politician should listen to.”

Michael Landl, World Vapers’ Alliance

Patrick Griffin and Grimm Green: An exclusive Vape Live interview

In an exclusive interview with Vape Live, YouTube star Grimm Green gave us his insight on the global industry, as well as his journey from humble beginnings to vaping royalty.

He told Vapouround Editor Patrick Griffin that the industry ‘grew too big, too quickly’ for policymakers to ignore it, stressing that this is when ideology came into play.

He said:

“Things started getting political about vaping…it wasn’t just about getting smokers to quit or harm reduction anymore.

“We have a lot of people in the US now who are misinformed…but it’s not just their fault.”

Grimm Green

He also discussed his rapid growth to vaping stardom over the past fifteen years, stressing that ‘it’s been one hell of a trip’ and something he’d never expected to happen.

Grimm Green said:

“I grew up in a small town, I never expected to be a person with a cause…but vaping is my cause.

“It’s been one of the weirdest times of my life, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

Grimm Green
Grimm Green Exclusive Interview

Why do Canadian health bodies insist on implementing punitive vaping regulations which will push vapers back to smoking?

Maria Papaioannoy of Rights4Vapers told Vape Live about her 16-year-long battle with smoking, praising e-cigarettes as one of the main reasons she was finally able to kick the habit.

But while she had the chance to switch to the less harmful alternative, she is worried that smokers in Canada soon may not have the same opportunity.

Maria outlined a series of alarming new regulations, which could have the potential to devastate public health and WILL push vapers back to smoking.

She said that people have a difficult time ‘accepting change and evolution’, especially when it comes to ‘disruptive’ and world-changing products like e-cigarettes.

However, there’s still an opportunity to turn the tide of policies in Canada, with Maria urging people to stand up and tell their stories.

She said:

“People all want to speak up and we want to create a platform that gives them the confidence.

“I’m listening, other people are listening and the more people we have speaking up the more chances we have to be heard.

“Everyone’s voice matters.”

Maria Papaioannoy, Rights4Vapers

To catch even more great content like this, be sure to tune into the next two live days here.

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