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Top 5 Tobacco E-liquids

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To many vapers, tobacco flavoured e-liquids are a contentious subject. Fundamentally, we are trying to avoid cigarettes and tobacco by vaping. Still, these blends remain very popular and there are two distinct strands of tobacco e-liquid.

The first are those which aim to authentically mimic the flavour of tobacco alone, whether that be a light virginia or dark, aromatic pipe blend.

The second kind are dessert tobaccos. To the uninitiated, this might seem odd. Why would we want to blend sweet flavours with tobacco? The answer is it just works. For whatever reason, when you take vanilla, caramel, or other staple dessert notes and combine them with a dash of tobacco, it results in a layered profile of sweetness and spice. Today, we’re exploring five of our favourite tobacco blends.

5.       Nasty Juice – Bronze Blend:

This is an ideal starting point for a vaper who’s not sure if they’ll enjoy tobaccos. This leans heavily into the dessert elements, with a rich soft crack caramel top note and substantial vanilla cream base to back it up. A very mild tobacco accent ties it all together, present but by no means the main part of the blend. A simple, classic RY4 offering. 

Nasty Juice Bronze Blend 60ml e-liquid bottle

4.       Charlie Noble – Tripoli:

Tripoli is a little harder to get your hands on fi you live outside of the U.S but in our view, it’s well worth the hassle if you enjoy a good tobacco. This is a little more tobacco forward than other entries on this list, with a rich blend of aromatic Turkish tobaccos front and centre. This is accented with fig, almonds and spices to create a one of a kind, eastern dessert tobacco experience.

Charlie Noble Tripoli e-liquid bottle

3.       Five Pawns – Black Flag Risen:

Five Pawns were among the first companies to produce complex, multi-layered e-liquid profiles. Black Flag Risen is their ode to dessert tobaccos and though it’s had multiple editions over the years, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Primarily, this is a coffee vape,  with a rich, dark top note. This is supported by a mellow dairy base, with a nutty accent. The blend is finished with a light tobacco note, which pairs beautifully with the coffee. 

Five Pawns Black Flag Risen e-liquid

2.       Chef’s Flavours – RY-Whore:

Chef’s Flavours are best known for having one of the most comprehensive selections of flavourings on the planet but they also create their own blends and one shots, with years of experience to back them up. RY-Whore is their most popular tobacco one shot. It has an indulgent caramel top note, with a bright vanilla base, accents of almond and pecan and of course a light tobacco finish. This is a little heavier in terms of the dessert notes and that’s why we love it. 

Chefs Flavours Ry-Whore Nutty Caramel Tobacco e-liquid bottle

1.       Ripe Vapes – VTC:

We can’t make a list of tobacco flavours without mentioning VTC. It’s been around for years and for good reason. This is a compelling combination of rich vanilla cream, toasted almond and a light tobacco accent. It’s quite a mild flavour overall, which makes it perfect for all day vaping. The tobacco note combines so well with the almond that even non-tobacco lovers may find themselves falling for it, too. There are now several versions of VTC, including Bold, for those who prefer more tobacco and even Private Reserve, for vapers who want VTC that has been aged in barrels for a more authentic oak note. 

Ripe Vapes VCT 60ml tobacco e-liquid

So that’s it, five of the best tobacco e-liquids money can buy. Did we miss your favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! If you’re interested in our other e-liquid flavour top picks, why not take a look at our Top 5 Dessert E-Liquids or Top 5 Strawberry E-Liquids.

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