Vaptio – Beco Bar Disposable Review

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Vaptio Beco Bar Disposable Review


Battery: Integrated 280mAh

Prefilled e-liquid capacity: 1.3ml

Size: 97.05*15.5*6.5mm

Maximum Puff Count: 300 puffs

Nicotine Content (TPD): 10mg, 20mg salt nicotine  

When I first tried a disposable vape kit, I was instantly intrigued. Up until then I had been a diehard user of a more traditional dual battery mod, usually with a tank on top.  But the billowy clouds and full-on flavour came at a cost…there was so much to cart about on a daily basis. 

It wasn’t just the mod and tank that took up space though, I had to bring spare coils, spare e-liquid and spare batteries everywhere I went. It soon became a bit of a mission every time I left the house. 

As well as limited portability, most members of the public do not appreciate big clouds smelling of vanilla custard within their vicinity. 

When I picked up the Vaptio Beco Bar disposable device, I found it fully satisfied my nicotine cravings, paired with modest vapour production, delicious flavour and best of all, no extra vape gear to bring along.

Just a tiny, lightweight stick that fits easily in my pocket. The Vaptio Beco Bar is designed to last approximately 300 puffs and has an inbuilt 280mAh battery (non rechargeable) that lasts me about a day.

So, on to the flavours. 

Peach Ice

The soft, realistic and sweet nature of this one is simply to die for. The peach is well-rounded and has a juicy texture that is difficult to find within the world of e-liquids.

The softer notes of peach are fused together with a sharp, biting and cool sensation that has a really complementary effect on the flavour. Despite the cold inhale, this flavour didn’t taste like menthol – something I really appreciated.  


Both blueberries and raspberries presented at the moment of inhaling and while the blueberry comes across as tart and slightly bitter, it is balanced off by sweet and delicate notes of ripe raspberry.

The impressive combination of summer berries manages to produce an intense tongue-tingling sourness that is a difficult element to attain when creating flavours. This e-liquid has no menthol or icy edge to it, allowing the fruity flavours to take centre stage.  

Lychee Ice

Having grown up eating fresh Lychees, I tend to be a harsh critic towards e-liquids that don’t meet a decent level of authenticity. This flavour manages to encapsulate the juicy, tropical and sour sweetness found in the fruit itself.

As with the Peach Ice I mentioned earlier, there was no noticeable taste of menthol but more of a cool sensation when exhaling. I found that both constituents worked fantastically well together to deliver a full-on fruity flavour that is sure to impress, especially in the warm summer months. 


Unlike the other flavours in the line, this one is wholly made up with mint and menthol. To a certain degree, this flavour is similar to chewing gum and has a very subtle sweetness to it. I noticed a well-rounded and consistent menthol coinciding with the spearmint.

Despite being a minty/menthol blend, I found that there was little to no icy sensation when vaping this flavour. Overall, I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed a mint-based flavour. 

Strawberry Banana

The strawberry is subdued but gives the banana a platform to really shine. It is both rich and creamy, and tastes akin to a banana milkshake rather than the actual fruit itself.

As a more dessert-like flavour, I wasn’t expecting a slight cooling effect to it, but I felt that the cold edge made this flavour stand out when compared to other run of the mill strawberry and banana flavours on the market.

It was definitely an easy flavour for me to vape, day in and day out. 

Pink Lemonade

When done correctly, pink lemonade flavours become a definite all day vape for me – and this one has done just that. It has sour notes of lemon, bitter, yet subtle, mixed citrus and sweet berries.

This e-liquid has the tiniest amount of coolness to it, something that just adds to the refreshing feel that this flavour boasts. Without a doubt, this was my favourite flavour in this line.

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