Vaporesso Swag II Review

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Dimensions: 108mm*50mm*25mm (height includes tank + drip tip) 

Power output: 5W-80W 

Battery capacity: External 18650 cell 

E-liquid capacity: 3.5ml/2ml (TPD edition) 

Charging: 2A Micro-USB 

Display: 0.91 Inch OLED 

Six months ago, Vaporesso released the Gen mod, along with the Axon chipset. Much to my delight, it was one of the best mods of 2019 and my zealous praise of the device has resulted in a fair amount of light-hearted mockery by colleagues. The Swag 2 is Vaporesso’s latest Axon based device, so it’s got big shoes to fill. 

Construction, fit and finish of the Swag 2 are great. It has the same rubberised finish that debuted with the Gen, along with a super-lightweight chassis and sturdy side-by-side form factor. In short, if you like the Gen, you’ll like this too. Side-by-side designs allow for an external cell and tiny form factor, which really is the best of both worlds and among those on the mainstream market, the Swag 2 feels like the winner in terms of quality. 

I’m happy to report that the full feature Axon chip has been fit into the small footprint of this device. This means variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control, power curves, pulse mode, smart TC, bypass, super player and eco modes are all present, along with some UI customisation. In other words, this is the most feature-rich miniature mod on the market. This might sound bewildering to new users but fortunately the menu layout is very simple and accessed with the mode button, so those with less experience can just stick to variable wattage and ignore the rest.  

Performance is second to none. If you like tinkering, or even just want a reliable, accurate experience, whether that’s wattage or temperature control, this chip does it all. No other chip in this price category comes close.  

The Swag 2 is bundled with the NRG PE tank. This is the latest in the long-running NRG series and not much has changed here. It’s still cross-compatible with all Baby Beast style coils and still built solidly. The kit includes two coils, the first of which is a 0.15Ohm dual mesh build, rated for 60W-70W. This coil performs nicely, with great flavour, vapour production and longevity. It does feel a little unsuitable for a single cell mod, though and for this reason I find it odd that Vaporesso included it with the Swag 2. At the maximum recommended wattage, you can easily drain a fully-charged 18650 in two hours or less. 

The second coil is a stainless steel CCELL, rated for 25W-35W. This coil has a more restricted draw and at the maximum wattage produces a mellow but flavourful direct lung vape. The coil material also allows you to experiment with the various temperature control features, which is a nice touch. 

Though I really can’t fault the performance of the NRG PE, it does feel out of place with the mod. I’d much rather have seen a dedicated MTL tank provided with the device, as this would have made for the ideal fully-featured starter kit and been a better pairing for the single 18650 specification. Vaporesso has been producing some of the best Baby Beast style coils for years now and I’d love to see what it could do with the Nautilus fitting for MTL, which could benefit from some competition.

In summary, the Swag 2 is one of the very best single 18650 mods to ever be released. From build quality, to performance, I really can’t fault it. The NRG PE tank, while good, does feel a little mismatched for the device but it’s not a bad tank by any means. I hope to see a SWAG 2 kit with MTL tank in the near future, as this would be perfect for retailers and consumers alike. 


  • Build quality 
  • Incredible chipset 
  • Small form factor 


  • MTL tank would be more appropriate 

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