Vapable Shakers Cocktail Range Review

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Summer’s on its way and the sun is starting to show its face (occasionally). So to celebrate, I tested Vapable’s Shakers shortfill cocktail range. Today’s choice of cocktails are Summer Punch, White Russian, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Bellini and Mimosa and I won’t be adding any nic shots.

Shakers Cocktail Range Details:

  • Ratio VG/PG: 70/30
  • 50ml shortfill bottle
  • 6 cocktail flavours
vapable shakers white russian shortfill e-liquid bottle with brown label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers White Russian

I’m no stranger to this cocktail and know exactly what I should be getting. The first draw delivered a smooth, fresh and creamy taste, followed by a rich and deep coffee.

The flavour was superb, with something else added in there to replicate the vodka, adding to the overall taste. Plus, the coffee lingers around the mouth for ages as with the drink.

A really good representation and I’m sure coffee vape lovers will like it too – excellent start!

vapable shakers mojito cocktail flavoured shortfill e-liquid bottle with brown label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers Mojito

Probably one of the most popular cocktails, either whilst on holiday or even at home.

My first impression of the Shakers Mojito e-liquid was that it’s a pleasant vape, with the white rum-like taste at the forefront, followed by a subtle lime and mint.

I’m not getting the big, fresh mint and lime hit usually expected from a freshly-made mojito, with this juice leaning more towards a spearmint taste.

This is a nice vape, smooth and refreshing, with all the flavours – great effort!

vapable shakers summer punch shortfill e-liquid bottle with orange label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers Summer Punch

Everyone makes some sort of summer punch, so this can’t be judged as a replication.

The first draw provided a sweet taste with a hint of fruit, which was quickly followed by mint and finished with, wait for it, cucumber!

This combination was a surprise but gives this e-liquid a really refreshing taste -different but pleasant.

vapable shakers peach bellini shortfill 50ml e-liquid bottle with yellow label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers Peach Bellini

Well, this Shakers shortfill flavour was certainly peach…and loads of it! The thick and sweet liquid was smooth and didn’t taste artificial.

In fact, it was similar to fresh peach juice from a carton and even had a kind of fizzy aspect to it – really nice.

vapable shakers mimosa flavoured shortfill e-liquid bottle with black label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers Mimosa

On first vape I got orange – not freshly squeezed, more of a cordial – but then something else started to come through.

The more I vaped I tasted a sour grape flavour, not front-and-centre, but in the finish.

I liked it, it was different, very sweet, full of flavour and refreshing all at the same time, lingering in the mouth for ages – nice!

vapable shakers strawberry daiquiri shortfill 50ml e-liquid bottle with red label
Image Source: Vapable

Shakers Strawberry Daiquiri

I have to say, I’ve never actually had one of these cocktails before and after vaping this, I had to look up the ingredients.

Typically, there would be a blend of frozen strawberry, white rum, soda and lime and lemon juice, but that’s not what I was getting at all (if blindfolded, I would say it was strawberry laces).

I don’t know if my palate was overloaded from the other flavours, but I’m not sure if this one fits the brief, as all I got was an artificial strawberry taste.

All in all, this range offered a good replication of some popular and famous cocktails apart from the last one – well worth a try.

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