Review: WholeNic Full-Spectrum E-Liquid

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WholeNic Full-Spectrum E-Liquid Review

WholeNic e-liquids contain the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids, in the same proportions found in cigarettes.

WholeNic founder Michael Lovedale hopes to win over smokers and dual users with liquids that provide all the satisfaction of smoking but without the harms.

Read our interview with Michael in Issue 33 of Vapouround.

All products from the WholeNic brand are free from diacetyl and other diketones, tobacco-specific nitrosamines and tar.

WholeNic uses a unique blend of 60 percent VG, 35 percent PG and five percent distilled water to provide better flavour and maintain the viscosity of a 50VG/50PG e-liquid.

Rico Smoky Tobacco

When I pick up a tobacco flavoured e-liquid, I expect it to be just that. I’m not looking for any over complicated taste combinations, just smoky overtones and a rich body of flavour. With this e-liquid it was almost impossible to discern from a traditional cigarette – bar the harmful carcinogens and eyewatering clouds of smoke.

This is in no way a sweet juice, making it ideal for traditionalist tobacco lovers and new vapers who are still trying to kick those cigarette cravings. Not to mention, the lack of sweeteners means your coils will last just that little bit longer – always a win in my book.

Rico Menthol Tobacco

As a smoker, I would typically smoke plain cigarettes, but every now and then, I would fancy something different and pick myself up a pack of menthols. This e-liquid has expertly recreated that same minty wave that would hit me every time I would take a puff.

The slightly subdued smokiness is most notable on the exhale, providing a flawlessly smooth and simple flavour. Finding a decent menthol tobacco e-liquid is not the easiest, as there are so many subpar options out there to sift through first.

Hand on heart, I would recommend this to anyone who is on the lookout for a realistic and satisfying menthol cigarette vaping experience. 

Rico Rich Tobacco

A decadently earthy taste, this e-liquid feels like it’s just been plucked from a cigar lounge’s humidor. There is less of a smoky aspect when compared with the previous two flavours, and more of a deep and complex tobacco.

The lack of smokiness gives this e-liquid an air of subtle sweetness, but not so much so that it becomes sickly. It is conveyed as very smooth and is easy to vape. I really like the luxurious, high-end cigar feel to this flavour and would suggest it to somebody who enjoys the smoothness of tobacco, with a little less smokiness.

Eisberg Herbal Menthol Blackcurrant

A large portion of e-liquids currently on the market seem to involve some aspect of menthol or cooling agent to them. A combination of different fruits and menthol can be a match made in heaven, and with this flavour it’s clear to see why. 

The blackcurrant is blatant and tart and brings up a unique sour edge that almost masks the menthol – at least at first anyway. As you continue to vape, a sharp and biting menthol swoops in and takes centre stage. I noticed that the cool menthol really made the blackcurrant seem sweeter than its initial sour taste and both elements worked well together to create an uncomplicated and well-designed flavour.

Eisberg Herbal Menthol Freshmint

A ‘keep it simple’ mentality works fantastically well with this e-liquid. Instead of adding complex and often unnecessary flavour constituents, this flavour presents a cool and slightly sweet peppermint followed by a herbal, ear-tingling menthol. I found that both the peppermint and the menthol were in equal amounts, therefore giving it a well-balanced and well-rounded overall flavour.

To me, it tasted almost identical to glacier mints, even down to the unmistakeable sinus clearing sensation when you exhale. Due to the well-executed nature of this e-liquid and its satisfying nicotine hit, I really would recommend it to potential new vapers looking for something to convince them to never go back to smoking.

Eisberg Herbal Menthol Eucalyptus

Another addition of the menthol family, this e-liquid encapsulates a sharp and teeth chattering menthol with a refreshingly herbal eucalyptus. The menthol is what I’ve come to expect from WholeNic, it is bold and crisp and delivers a revitalising blast whenever you vape it. The eucalyptus, however, is intensely aromatic and brings up a subtle touch of citrus and a pleasant amount of bitterness.

The lack of sweetness in this e-liquid pushes the potency of the cool elements even further. The combination of menthol and eucalyptus creates the ultimate icy flavour, designed for hardcore fans of a cold vaping experience. As an overall observation, I enjoyed the partnership of flavours that made this e-liquid a vital and definitive option for people who have smoked menthol cigarettes.

Jüs Pineapple Passion Grapefruit

By far my favourite, this e-liquid delivers a hefty punch with a satisfying sour kick. The initial inhale brings out the very best combination of juicy fruits, ones that truly made my mouth water (not just an expression, they really did!) 

The passion fruit presented itself at first and was bold, flavourful and realistic. The touch of grapefruit was noticeable enough to impart a sour edge but did not give a bitterness that would’ve taken away from the overall flavour. Then, a strong and aromatic pineapple comes in to play and rounds up the other fruity notes. The incredible fusion of three juicy but sour flavours garnered a pleasant and satisfying reaction.

Jüs Forest Berries

As my time as a vaper has progressed, I’ve found that berry-based flavours are often my go to for when I’m using an MTL or pod system, and this e-liquid did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. There are obvious notes of sweet pink raspberries and tart blackberries with an added bonus of mixed fruits.

This e-liquid offers vapers a chance to enjoy a mild flavour and still attain a decent nicotine hit. One of the things I savoured the most about this specific e-liquid, was its lack of cooling agent. The fact that there was no menthol really gave the fruitier tones a chance to stand out on their own, a definite plus in my books.

Salt Unflavoured

An interesting and highly useful addition to the line of e-liquids from WholeNic, this one has no flavour and therefore can be used in different ways. Firstly, if you are not a fan of flavours, fear not! You can vape this as you would with any other 20mg/ml e-liquid. The second, and more likely method of using this fluid, would be as a nicotine shot for any shortfill or 0mg e-liquid. It gives a powerful and fulfilling hit, making it an ideal choice for bringing up that nicotine level.

This e-liquid can be a handy little tool in a vaper’s arsenal.

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