MOODBAR Disposable Vapes Review

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Up to 600 puffs
Capacity – 550mAh
Nicotine strength: 20mg (salt)

Another stunning line of disposable vapes, Mood Bars offer crisp and intense flavour whilst boasting ultimate simplicity.

They are rated up to 600 puffs and will certainly quell your nicotine cravings – especially due to the fact that these bars contain 20mg salt nicotine.

These are the flavours I reviewed:

Gummy Bear Ice

Up until now, I had yet to try a gummy bear flavour, particularly one with an added element of ice.

With this flavour I loved how the taste continued to evolve throughout vaping.

It started with a rather subtle fruity blend which blossomed into an intensely sweet and candy-like cornucopia of flavours.

I found that the iciness in this vape was quite mild and therefore did not take away from the overall flavour, making this even more appealing to me.

If you enjoy candy flavours and modest amounts of cooling agent, then you might just want to pick up one of these awesome little disposables.

Pink Lemonade

A classic, personal favourite of mine, Pink Lemonade delivers all of the fresh, fruity effervescence that I have come to expect.

Initially, there were sharp notes of sour grapefruit and tart lemon. After vaping for a few minutes however, I also picked up on a sweet and soft strawberry that mellowed out the more noticeable citrus elements.

The unique thing about this flavour was the fizzy effect it emanates whilst puffing away. Despite lacking the word ‘ice’ in its name, there was still a tiny amount of coldness detected right on the end of the exhale.

Pink Lemonade flavours can be a bit hit-or-miss and it takes great skill to create a moreish and tasteful vaping experience.

Overall, I found this to be both refreshing and accurately replicated and most of all, enjoyable.


This was possibly the most straightforward flavour in this line of disposables and should be a definite hit for fans of minty, cold and fresh vapes.

By also managing to incorporate the classic and unmistakable taste of menthol, this flavour goes above and beyond.

Added edges of peppermint can be found whilst vaping and I felt that it offered an incredibly subtle sweetness.

That minute touch of sweetness gave the flavour a well-rounded and well executed taste.

As with many menthol flavours on the market, this one also includes an icy sensation when inhaling, boosting the refreshing nature of this disposable.

Mango Ice

Flavours such as an icy mango are everywhere right now, so when I tried this flavour, I wanted to see what was different this time around.

Most mango flavours I have tried so far have been categorised as either a sour mango or a juicy mango but this one combines the two to create a unique and surprisingly effective taste.

Due to both main flavour elements being mango, you can obviously expect a fruity base but the interesting part is how the two interact with one another.

The sour notes bounce off the sweet and juicy notes – and vice versa. The way these flavours amalgamate gives this disposable a clear edge on other mango-based vapes.

The icy notes come in right at the end, exaggerating the ripe and fresh feel to the flavour in its entirety.

Strawberry Ice

Covering a vast array of flavour profiles, strawberry is clearly a favourite of many.

Strawberry can be conveyed in countless preparations when it comes to vaping and therefore nearly every strawberry flavour you try will be different.

This one presented a set of candied strawberry notes which were both soft and juicy and gave off a bubblegum-like vibe. It is delightful and super easy to vape and had a long lasting, sustained flavour.

The cooling agent offered bright, sharp and freezing notes of ice which contrasted well with the soft, wholesome strawberry candy.

This would be the perfect choice for a hot day.

Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice gives off a strong candy vibe whilst oozing an intense blast of ear-tingling iciness.

The blue raspberry side of things reminded me somewhat of blue bonbons and retained the iconic sourness enjoyed by so many.

For me personally, the flavour tasted almost as strong as the sweets although I doubt you’d get the sugary aftertaste.

As with most of the flavours I have reviewed today, there is a brain freezing element of ice when exhaling, and to me, this slightly overpowered the raspberry notes.

This was a good thing, because while most blue raspberry and ice flavours focus mainly on the fruity side of things, this one nailed the complexities of a good fruit/mint combination.

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