Mechlyfe Arcless V2 Review

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Dimensions: 91mm*25mm

Materials: Copper, silver plated copper

Battery capacity: 1x external 21700, 20700 or 18650 cell

When veteran manufacturers Coilart created the Mechlyfe brand last year, we expected a range of enthusiast-focused releases and so far, they’ve been delivering. The original Arcless was their first product and was well received by mech fans. How does the V2 stack up?

Construction, fit and finish of the Arcless V2 are excellent for a mechanical mod in the £50-70 price bracket. The most obvious change from the first model is the main material choice, which has been upgraded from brass to copper, though you’ll need to remove the switch to see this. Externally, the V2 looks almost identical to its predecessor, save for a new knurling pattern on the removable sleeve. The inside walls of the tube are insulated with Delrin, which is nice to see. Though 27mm in diameter at its widest point, the Arcless V2 tapers down to 25mm at the top, accommodating 24mm and 25mm RDAs with a seamless look.

Threading is smooth both at the hybrid 510 connection and switch, coming close in quality to mechanical devices that command far higher RRPs. The black electroplated finish on our model looks great and has a track record of being hard-wearing. Unfortunately, I dropped our sample on concrete during testing and even this resulted in only a slight nick to the finish, which is rather impressive.  

The constant contact switch has gone through some minor tweaks since the original Arcless. A sturdier spring has been used, which requires slightly more pressure. The button is still a relatively soft press but not quite the hair-trigger of the original model. The Delrin insulator has also been beefed up, which is good to see. As with the original, the contacts are silver-plated copper, which is the best combination of materials for this application, in my view. There’s no locking system in place, which might be off-putting to some. I’m not too fussed, since I don’t tend to use mechs on the go but it is something to consider.

Switch maintenance is straight forward, though you will need your own tool to remove the Delrin insulator. This was easy enough with a pair of needle nose tweezers, but I would have rather seen a purpose made tool included with the device for essential maintenance. Removing the Delrin insulator and battery contact reveals the first spring and internal contact. This contact can be adjusted to create a longer or shorter throw and when removed fully, completely disassembles the switch. After two weeks of heavy use, there was no visible tarnish on the switch internals, but this will happen over time. As with any mechanical device, I recommend regular maintenance.

In terms of performance, the Arcless V2 is top tier. The original Arcless was no slouch and the new version matches it. I’m not an electrical engineer and do not have a complex rig to test the conductivity of a mech tube but I can comfortably say that the Arcless V2 is among the hardest hitting mechs I’ve had the pleasure of trying. With a freshly charged 21700 cell and a 0.15Ohm dual coil build, this mod provides the smooth, raw power that I want from a mechanical device.

To be compelling in 2020, a mechanical mod has to tick all of the boxes. In my opinion, the Arcless V2 does this. With its adjustable throw, smooth switch action, performance materials and slick looks, this device is a great all-rounder at its price point. My only real gripe is that the Delrin switch insulator could have been made easier to remove but this doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things. If you’re in the market for a high-performance mechanical tube that won’t break the bank, the Arcless V2 should be on your shortlist.


  • Great performance
  • Constant contact switch
  • Simple design


  • No tool provided for switch maintenance

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