Juice N Power Power Disposable Review

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E-liquid brand Juice N Power launched their own range of disposable vapes called the Power Disposable. With a variety of flavours available, I tested five of the products from the range to see how they performed.

Power Disposable Specifications:

  • Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice
  • Puffs: Approx 600
  • Nicotine content: 20mg

I thought I’d try something different when testing Juice N Power’s Power Disposables. Having tried so many disposables that they are becoming very samey, I thought I would put the actual puff count to the test rather than concentrate purely on flavour profiles.

Design & Performance

The device itself is of the slim flat design with the tapered flat mouthpiece, which is comfortable both in the hand and pocket.

For me not being a huge nicotine vaper, this 20mg device is going to be a test. I’ve picked Creamy Tobacco to be the test object. Starting at 10 am I will use and record the puff count until it either runs out of liquid or the battery gives up.

First off, the draw is a little loose for my MTL vape and I found myself either taking a double draw or direct vaping, which at 20mg is no mean feat for me. That being said, the vape is smooth and not harsh at all.

Well, I got to midnight and the Power is still going strong, so I’ll keep going tomorrow.

So, at 15:27 the battery has died. The puff count sits at a very commendable 762, now I know this will vary for everyone as we all vape differently, but that was my number for my vape style.

A good solid performance from the Power disposable. So, a quick run-through of the flavour profiles.

Power Disposable Flavours

I tested out five flavours from the Power Disposable range, Creamy Tobacco, Energy Ice, Starfruit Kiwi, Pink Lemonade and Sour Apple. Here’s what I thought of them.

creamy tobacco flavoured disposable from Juice N Power
Image Source: Juice N Power

Creamy Tobacco

Starts off with a rich sweet cream then a deep, oak-like tobacco comes in. A very pleasant vape.

energy ice flavoured disposable from Juice N Power
Image Source: Juice N Power

Energy Ice

Your favourite energy drink with an ice shot. Good energy drink taste but, for me, the ice is a little too much.

starfruit kiwi flavoured disposable from Juice N Power
Image Source: Juice N Power

Starfruit Kiwi

Having never tried a real starfruit, I can’t say if it’s a good representation or not but the combination with the kiwi gives for a very nice vape.

pink lemonade flavoured disposable from Juice N Power
Image Source: Juice N Power

Pink Lemonade

A real lemon taste, sharp and tangy on the inhale, but leaves a sweet taste after exhale. More like an old school cloudy lemonade.

green disposable vape device in sour apple flavour - Juice N Power
Image Source: Juice N Power

Sour Apple

A good apple taste which soon moves to being sour, leaving a tingling taste all around the mouth. I found it made my mouth dry and wanting a drink. Probably one to take to the pub!

How Does The Power Disposable Stackup Overall?


  • Delivered on performance
  • Great flavours
  • Great design


  • Draw is too loose

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