Frunk Bar Disposable Review

Disposable vapes have become all the rage recently and with a range of different brands to choose from, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you and your tastes. So hardware and e-liquid reviewer, Paul Johnson is here to help you out with this latest review on the popular Frunk Bar disposable.

The Frunk Bar disposable holds around 600 puffs, alongside a 2ml tank and 20 mg nicotine.

The round, pen-style shape is not too heavy, coming with a comfortable mouthpiece and a variety of different flavours.

The Frunk Bar delivers on both flavour and smoothness and the overall performance was very good.

I taste-tested five out of the fourteen different Frunk Bar flavours available. Here are my thoughts on the five that I tested.

Device Specifications:

  • 1.6ml capacity with 20mg nicotine
  • Stylish design
  • Approximately 600 puffs per device
  • All products are fully TPD compliant

Frunk Bar Flavours:

Watermelon Splash

With a nice, fresh watermelon taste and a massive ice hit, this flavour gives a smooth vape.

However, the ice hit is too much for my tastes, overpowering the accompanying watermelon flavour.

Image Source: Frunk Bar

Energy Burst

This flavour is a really good replication of the popular energy drink that gives you wings, with the taste and smoothness making this a potential favourite for me.

Image Source: Frunk Bar

Club Cola

Again, a true replication in flavour, providing a good, deep cola taste that seems to last forever.

For a 20mg it’s really smooth and slightly sweet – certainly not the diet version.

Image Source: Frunk Bar

Grapefruit with Passion

A real grapefruit taste, with sharp, sour and bitter notes on the inhale, which is followed by passion fruit on the exhale and a lingering grapefruit aftertaste.

Image Source: Frunk Bar

Twisted Apple

A tasty apple vape which is both sweet and sour, reminiscent of those sugar-coated, rosy apple sweets (for those that can remember them).

Image Source: Frunk Bar

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By Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is part of the reviewing team for Vapouround, writing for both the magazine and online.

Paul is the owner of Derby vape store Del Boys and has a lot of experience to draw on when it comes to reviews.

Having tried a lot of different e-liquid flavours over the years, Paul also has experience designing e-liquids and the science behind them.

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