Baker’s Fog E-Liquid Range Review

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One of our regular product reviewers, Peach Atkinson, takes a look at the Baker’s Fog e-liquid range from vape e-liquid manufacturer LUMO Liquids.

Read her thoughts on three of the flavours from the Baker’s Fog range below.

Baker’s Fog Mango Tart

VG/PG: 70/30

I was both excited and intrigued to try out this e-liquid from Baker’s Fog and initially the most noticeable taste to me was a fruity and gooey mango-based jam.

In stark comparison to 99 per cent of the mango flavours out there, this one seamlessly manages to convey the contrast between both the sharp and sugary notes of this incredible mango flavour.

Next was a flaky, buttery and deep pastry that seemed to envelop the brighter notes of mango.

I felt that the combination between the subdued pastry and the more prominent fruitier elements seemed to work together in harmony and thus created a warming and flavourful e-liquid.

Overall an unexpected but delightful creation.

Baker’s Fog Strawberry Doughnut Ice Cream

VG/PG: 70/30

An amalgamation of dessert favourites, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this will appeal to fans of sweet e-liquids.

The strawberry is both rich, complex and creamy – all in equal measure. This is then compounded by a crispy, freshly-fried doughnut that emanates a fulfilling and moreish vibe.

Smooth and supremely velvety ice cream encapsulates the overall group of flavours and gives a softening edge on which the strawberry particularly flourishes.

Despite its rich flavour profile, I didn’t feel like it became too sweet.

This is something I could really get behind, as there’s nothing worse than being unable to vape a delicious flavour due to being overwhelmed by an exaggerated sweetness.

The decadent and dulcet tones of this e-liquid will impress sweet-toothed vapers and perhaps even become your new favourite.

Baker’s Fog Custard Tart

VG/PG: 70/30

Hands down, my favourite of the three, Custard Tart is a simple but effectively created flavour which is loved by many.

It manages to accurately depict the classic and much appreciated bakery delight, enjoyed year-round.

Deep notes of vanilla bean bring about a warming feeling and are soft but ubiquitous.

Similar to the tart elements in the mango flavour I reviewed earlier, it was both crumbly and gave off a realistic aura.

I really liked how the creamy custard and the flaky tart managed to coexist and yet still complemented one another.

This flavour soon became my go-to, due to its palatable and rich nature.

This is a life-like and satisfying profile that will have you running down to your local bakery in search of the real life equivalent.

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