Atmizoo Dotshell RBA Review

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Materials: Stainless steel, PCTG

E-liquid capacity: 3ml

Airflow: 3.8mm, 2mm standard pins, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm additional pins

The DotAIO has spawned a wave of accessories. Greek modders Atmizoo, best known for their rebuildable atomisers, have created the most highly sought-after accessory for the device yet, an RBA called the Dotshell. What’s all the fuss about?

Construction, fit and finish of the Dotshell are flawless. Designed and manufactured in Greece, this RBA does command a relatively high price tag of €65, about the same as the cost of the DotAIO itself. At this price point, customers quite rightly expect quality and the Dotshell delivers. All of the stainless-steel components are spotless and tolerances are precise. This feels every part a “high end” accessory.

User experience is what sets the Dotshell apart from other DotAIO compatible RBAs currently available. This is a unique two-piece design, where the build deck is independent from the tank and can be removed at any time while leaving the tank full. Need to adjust your wicking, or install an entirely new build? You can do all of that without losing a single drop of e-liquid or having to clean the tank. This is the key selling point of the Dotshell and now that I’ve experienced it, I don’t want to settle for AIO RBAs without it.

The build deck and airflow systems are very similar to Atmizoo’s legendary Billet Box RBA, the Vapeshell. It’s a two-post deck, where you simply secure leads with two flat Philips head screws. The largest build I was able to comfortably fit inside was a 2.5mm fused Clapton, which is about as heavy as you’re likely to need considering the DotAIO’s power limit of 35W. The airflow system is modular, with several optional airflow inserts that allow the user to accurately fine-tune the amount of air that is fed underneath the coil.

By default, the Dotshell has a maximum intake of 3.8mm, which results in a moderately restricted direct lung draw fully open. Included with the purchase is a 2mm post, which provides a more restricted experience. An MTL pin kit is an extra purchase that I opted for, which provides 1mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm pins. This should cover the MTL spectrum for most users. 

For RDL vaping, I find the 2mm post to be the best fit. A 0.3Ohm fused Clapton with this airflow configuration and the maximum power of 35W results in a warm, smooth, super flavourful vape, handily competing with my favourite single coil RTAs. You can cut the airflow down further using the airflow control ring and even achieve a loose MTL with this post, but I don’t find it ideal.

I’ve spent most of my time with the Dotshell using it as an MTL RBA and for me, this is where it really shines. I tend to alternate between the 1.2mm and 1.5mm pins, depending on my build of choice and both provide a fantastically smooth MTL draw. I like the 1.2mm pin for standard 26g round wire builds and switch to the 1.5mm pin for MTL claptons, which require a little more airflow. In either case, the Dotshell competes with my favourite MTL atomisers in terms of flavour, which is quite the achievement.

In terms of performance and quality of life features, Atmizoo nailed it with the Dotshell. My only complaint is that wicking can be a little unforgiving at first, especially for less experienced users. Channels on the build deck indicate the correct width and length of wick to use and though I did find this to be helpful, you do need to be quite precise. It took me about 4 attempts to properly nail down the wicking technique for this RBA and though that would seem an acceptable learning curve, I have been building atomisers for five years, so newer users may have a more difficult time.

In any case, I find this to be worth it. Simply put, the Dotshell elevates the DotAIO experience to a different level, with fantastic flavour, a fully modular airflow system and ability to tinker with your build, without draining the tank. If you own a DotAIO, get yourself a Dotshell.


  • Two-piece design makes tinkering easy
  • Modular airflow control
  • Fantastic flavour and draw
  • Great build quality


  • Wicking can be tricky
  • The Dotshell can be hard to find between batches
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