Aspire x Sunbox MIXX Review

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Materials: Stainless steel, aluminium

Dimensions: 86.5mm*48mm*24mm

Power output: 1W-60W or 0.5V-8.4V

Battery capacity: 1x external 18650 or 18350 cell

Charging: External charging only

Aspire has long been one of the biggest names in vaping and throughout their history have been known primarily for producing top-tier starter kits. The MIXX is their latest device, designed in collaboration with Italian modders Sunbox. How does it fare?

Construction, fit and finish of the MIXX are sublime. This device features a CNC stainless steel chassis, with some aluminium elements. From the first glance, to the way it feels in the hand, the MIXX stands head and shoulders above the average mod. Sure, it’s a little heavier than most single 18650 devices but this weight is reassuring, and tolerances are precise.

The compact size and side-by-side form factor means that the MIXX can maintain a tiny footprint, even when using taller tanks. Small details, like the finger cut out for the fire button, have been given proper attention, resulting in a highly ergonomic device that feels every bit as premium as many of the small batch boutique mods coming out of Europe. 

aspire MIXX diagram

The MIXX is regulated by Aspire’s ASP chipset. Frankly, I thought it was an Evolv DNA60 at first and this seems to be Aspire’s intention. The small, relatively oldschool screen is located on the bottom of the device and manages to display all the basic information that you could need.

Operation is simple. Five clicks locks/unlocks the device, while holding the fire button for two seconds when locked powers it down fully. Holding the fire button and + cycles through VW, VV and bypass power output modes. Holding + and – flips the screen, while fire and minus locks power adjustment. That’s it for functionality and for those who don’t enjoy temperature control, that should suffice.

One of the key selling points of the MIXX is its modularity. Two large screws hold the top “cuff” in place. Once removed, the 18650 battery tube can be uninstalled and replaced with the provided 18350 tube. I am glad that the additional tube was included, as it increases the versatility of the device. The modular design allows for plenty of customisation down the road, which enthusiasts will appreciate. Strangely, a hex key is not included to perform this change, though it is a standard size that is found in most screwdriver kits. The cuff can be removed entirely, for those who prefer a bare bones aesthetic.

This device is my first experience of the ASP chipset and I have been particularly impressed by its battery management. The Evolv DNA60 is loved for its efficiency and Aspire has managed to emulate this trait with their strikingly similar board. Using an MTL RTA at 15W, I was able to consistently get three full day’s vaping time from a 3000mAh cell. Using a DL RTA at 45W, I was able to get a full day’s vaping on a charge. These are strong results, outperforming the average single cell board by a tangible margin.

Outside of the stellar build quality, Sunbox co-sign and chipset, the biggest draw of the MIXX for most vapers will likely be that side-by-side form actor. Although it’s a subjective merit, it’s one that appeals to me. It creates a regulated 18650 setup that’s no larger than your average AIO, while maintaining an elegant look. Enthusiasts have been asking mainstream manufacturers for designs like this for some time and it seems that we will be experiencing a side-by-side glut in the second half of 2020. I’m all for it.

In summary, the MIXX is an outstanding mod for low-mid wattage vapers, with excellent build quality, a great chipset and clean looks. If you like compact devices but don’t want to be restricted by proprietary AIO fittings, this is one of the best options currently available.


          Outstanding build quality

          Great chipset

          18350 battery tube included


        No hex key included 

aspire mixx all colours

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