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The Best 18650 AIOs

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All in one devices, often abbreviated to AIOs, are now the zeitgeist in mainstream vaping, although they’ve been around for years in one form or another. In recent times, vapers have been requesting devices like this, with external cells and manufacturers have been more than happy to oblige. Today, we’re highlighting five of the best 18650 AIOs on the market. 

ASPIRE MULUS in multicolours

5. Aspire Mulus: Aspire aren’t newcomers to the AIO market, having released their Plato kit a number of years ago. The Mulus is their most recent offering with this form factor, though and it’s had a very positive reception. The device is available in a wide number of finishes, has full variable wattage and is compatible with both Nautilus and Tigon coils by default. They’ve just released an RBA section for those who prefer to rebuild, too. A very solid option. 

4. Smok Fetch Pro: Smok have switched their focus almost entirely to AIOs in the last year and in our view, the Fetch Pro is the best of their offerings. It’s absolutely tiny for an 18650 device but still boasts wattage control and a large 4ml capacity pod. It’s compatible with RPM coils, along with Smok’s newest fitting, the RGC. Several after market RBA sections are already available for the device, as well as Smok’s own RGC RBA. 

DOTMOD DOTAIO in black and gold

3. Dotmod DotAIO: Dotmod have historically aimed their products at enthusiasts but the DotAIO has something for everyone. It’s in keeping with their slick minimalist aesthetic and out of the box is compatible with Nautilus and Dotmod’s own proprietary coils. As a separate purchase, the DotAIO can also be used with several RBA sections, including the Dotmod RBA and Atizoo Dotshell.

This device doesn’t have full wattage control but four individual power settings that change with the resistance of your coil should have everyone covered.

Dotmod have taken heed of customer requests for customisation, too, and now offer various panels that are released on a regular basis. Those looking for a slightly more affordable model can opt for the DotAIO SE, which uses slightly different materials to achieve a lower RRP. 

2. Mechlyfe Ratel XS: Unlike the other products on this list, the Ratel XS has no stock coil compatibility. It’s supplied with a fantastic single coil RBA, though, which is easy to build and produces excellent flavour for restricted DL vaping. The Mechchip VW board is simplistic but works nicely and the overall construction of the device is commendable for the price, though some early models did have poor tolerances on the door panel. One for the builders. 

BILLET BOX in brown and gold

1. Billet Box Vapor Billet Box Rev 4: We couldn’t make this list without talking about the Billet Box. The original version was released in 2013 and it’s the original AIO, setting the blue print for all other devices in the category.

The Rev4, which features a DNA60 chipset, is still incredibly popular, due to the huge number of atomisers it can use and near limitless possibilities for customisation. The Billet Box is substantially more expensive than other devices on this list, especially if you want to personalise it, but for many, it’s worth the hit to the wallet. A timeless device. 

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