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Dark Fruits DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Mixed berry profiles have always been a staple of vaping. Whether they’re candied, natural or beverage style, they tend to have a rich sweetness and lingering finish that appeals to lots of vapers. Here’s our take on a classic dark fruit mix.


(CCW) – Cupcake World – Blackcurrant – 3.5%

(CAP) – Capella – Sweet Currant – 3%

(FA) – Flavour Art – Forest Fruits – 2.5%

(FA) – Flavour Art – Juicy Strawberry – 1.5%

(INW) – Inawera – Grape – 4%

(CAP) – Capella – Super Sweet – 0.25%

Flavour Notes:

Blackcurrant: Among our berry medley, blackcurrant is the star and we’ve achieved a bold top note in this case with a combination of CCW Blackcurrant and CAP Sweet Currant. CCW’s offering is rich and sticky, with heavy candied connotations. CAP’s Sweet Currant is lighter with a pleasant tang on the finish. The two combine for a lovely candy/soda blackcurrant.

Berry Medley: FA Forest Fruits should be in every mixer’s arsenal and this recipe is a good example of why. In this case, the notes of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry add some brightness and floral notes to the mix. A little FA Juicy Strawberry accentuates this bright note and brings further sweetness to the mix.

Grape: There are lots of grapes to choose from and many of them complement berry mixes beautifully. INW Grape has a nice balance of authentic and candy notes, which makes it an ideal pairing for this mix.

Steeping: Unlike most fruit mixes, we find that this one needs a few days to come together properly. This is likely due to the many different flavour compounds present. At the five day mark, everything settles in nicely.

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