VOXPO: Vape Live – Day 1

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We look back on the talks from the opening day of VOXPO: Vape Live

Vaping and the Media with Dr Vapes founder, Mo Hassan

Mo is a friendly and familiar face on the expo circuit so it was great to have him opening the very first Vape Live event.

Vaping and the media is a difficult topic to address, not least because vaping has been massively villified over the past couple of years.

Mo highlighted the conflict between the public health potential of e-cigarettes and the way the industry is portrayed in the media, especially in the US.

He explained that things had deteriorated further since the spate of deaths linked to black-market THC cartridges.

Rather than ignorance on behalf of journalists, Mo suggested that misleading articles were part of a wider agenda, where the media, and to a greater extent, the tobacco industry, come out on top.

Mo said that America’s flavour bans will wipe out Big Tobacco’s competition, sending vapers back to smoking and generating huge tax revenue.

Thankfully, the UK has a much more open-minded approach to vaping as it’s in our best interests, he explained.

“In the UK, healthcare is free it’s free to the citizens and the NHS actually spends more money treating smoking-related illnesses than it profits from smoking. And this is reflected in their media campaigns.

“It’s a sad truth that vaping is viewed in a negative way in some parts of the world due to the finances.”

Mo Hassan, Dr Vapes

As well providing an in depth critique of America and other countries’ negative approach to vaping, Mo had some great ideas about how we can move forwards in a positive way.

“Let’s support organisations such as the UKVIA, the IBVTA and all these amazing organisations that are out there spreading that amazing truth about vaping and its benefits and share case studies and campaigns to increase exposure.

“There are a lot of YouTubers out there who comment on these subjects. They have put their heart, soul, and sweat and tears into it too because it means something to us.”

Consumer Habits Across The UK Market with Stavroula Anastasopoulou, ECigIntelligence

This data-driven presentation gave some fascinating insight into the UK industry.

Stavroula used data from a survey conducted before COVID-19 hit to give an overview of the market, including buying habits and what we can expect for the industry post-Brexit.

Compliance – Why Is It Important? We Ask The Experts. Chaired by John Dunne (UKVIA)

The final talk of the day covered the issue of compliance across the global market.

The TPD may have created a framework for European countries to build upon, but each has their own intepretation and international markets have their own regulations and standards.

“Now everybody knows emissions tests and so on and nicotine dose, etc. But the TPD doesn’t currently stipulate an international standard for emissions, whereas for example, the UAE does.

“Understanding and building your compliance strategy beforehand can save you paying twice because if you’re using an emissions, or lab does not ISO 17025-approved, you have to repay again when you go into the UAE.

“By thinking about it a little bit more taking a step back, seeing where you want to go and making a plan before you start, you can save money”

Damien Bove, Chief Regulatory Officer, ADACT Medical

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