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Vapouround Awards 2022 Announce Redemption As Official Charity

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The Vapouround Awards is both a time for us to celebrate the best of our industry and a chance for us all to do a little good.

Through a special auction during the evening of the Vapouround Awards, we’re donating to Redemption, a charity boxing match being held in association with mental health group MIND.

The event was organised by champion boxer Vinny Glover in a bid to raise £10,000 for those in need of support.

Vinny said: “I thought, if I can raise this much money and help someone who’s struggling…then I’d be happy.”

The charity match originated from a conversation with mental health nurse Tracey James, who was key in encouraging Vinny to organise the event.

He said: “I wouldn’t have been doing the boxing show if it wasn’t for her, she suggested the charities and made me realise that we should do it for Mind.”

vince 'prince' glover boxer with his team at a prince promotions boxing match
Vince ‘Prince’ Glover

Amongst the boxers stepping into the ring – many for the first time – is 54-year-old Darren Barber.

After battling through a great family loss, his mum’s continuing struggle with dementia and his own depression, Darren is putting on the gloves to shine light on the importance of mental health.

He said: “My father was diagnosed with dementia 15 years ago and eventually had to go to a nursing home.

“Then COVID hit and when the final time came, we weren’t even allowed to visit him…it nearly crippled me.”

Tragically, just three months later, Darren’s mother developed signs of dementia which pushed him even deeper into depression.

He said: “The fight that’s going on now is nothing compared to the one I’ve had and the one I’m continuing to go through.

“I’m surrounded by good people who’ve been backing me 100 percent; my employer Alstom which pledged to match the money we raise, my union which paid for quite a bit of my kit …the list of people is huge.”

However, of the hundreds of people in his corner, the white-collar boxer wanted to thank his wife Natashia, Gary Redfern, Neville Brown and Luke Gallier for supporting him in the build-up to the fight.

The charity boxing match takes place on June 18 at Rollerworld Derby and there is a JustGiving page for those who would like to donate outside of the auction at the Vapouround Awards.

Want to donate to the charity auction at the Vapouround Awards 2022? Email to find out how.

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