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5 Benefits of Exhibiting at a Virtual Event

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With a year as unpredictable as 2020, businesses have had to change-up their tactics in more ways than one. Many businesses who have previously been regular exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions have made the switch to virtual events instead. But is it worth it for you and your company?

To help you decide, here are our top 5 benefits of exhibiting at a virtual event (in no particular order). 

Promotes your business to a larger audience 

When visiting a traditional expo you are limited to showcasing your products and services to a specific audience that is attending that exhibition. However, with a virtual exhibition you have the opportunity to be seen by a global audience. VOXPO’s Vape Live virtual event are available for anyone in the world to access via internet and digital device. 

Strengthens brand trust and online visibility 

A virtual exhibition is a brilliant place to promote your brand regardless of your size and following. Having your brand name included next to other industry recognised businesses helps to build and strengthen brand trust. Thus, exhibiting at an event with larger brands will expose you to new customers. With the introduction of new customers, an increase in traffic to your website will soon follow. 

Furthermore, a normal face-to-face exhibition usually only lasts for a couple of days, and then it’s over. Whereas a virtual exhibition is long-lasting, with the ability for customers to revisit the event well after the live show is over. VOXPO provides attendees with unlimited access to their virtual events, meaning that your brand and website will receive continual exposure on the platform.

Cheaper than attending a physical exhibition

Exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. Typical costs include the stand space plus the actual stand and furniture to accompany it, as well as promotional material, employee time, travel costs, food and more. Did you know that a virtual exhibition eliminates many of the costly factors involved in attending a physical exhibition? With VOXPO, all you need to do is pay for a virtual exhibitor booth and for an employee to man the booth. It’s as simple as that!

Helps to generate and track leads

It can be difficult to track every single person who visits your exhibition stand at a physical expo, especially if your stand gets busy. However, this isn’t an issue at virtual events. As the platform is online, all attendees data can be tracked, including how many times they visited an exhibitor stand and what they looked at. Moreover, VOXPO provides direct contact with attendees through live chat systems, which are available for all to use throughout the online platform. This provides a crucial line of contact to potential new customers. 

Network with new possible business connections

One of the best parts about attending a trade show or exhibition is the lasting connections you make with new individuals and businesses you meet. A virtual exhibition is no different. With multiple businesses within your industry attending – some from all around the world – it is a brilliant opportunity to broaden your network.

If you are interested in exhibiting at one of VOXPO’s virtual events, you can get in touch with a member of the VOXPO team by either emailing or filling out the below contact form.

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